Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three random things and a list of things I currently adore

Random thing 1: Back when I was dating Paul, he had a roommate named Mayo who was on BYU's ballroom dance team. Mayo is a super-nice, totally fun guy. He is also an amazing dancer. Right now, he is competing for a spot as a professional on the next season of "Dancing with the Stars". He made it into the top 4 last week with his waltz, and tonight he is dancing either jive or quickstep. So please, please watch the show tonight and go to this site to vote for Mayo! He's kind of at a disadvantage because two of the other four finalists have siblings who have already danced on the show as professionals.

Random thing 2: I came home last week after a final and Paul was sitting on the couch watching "Snakes on a Plane" on TBS. He made me watch just a part of the movie where the actual script had been dubbed over to replace some of the language. The revised line was (and picture a really angry and fed up Samuel Jackson saying this): "I am SICK and TIRED of these MONKEY-FIGHTING snakes on this MONDAY-TO-FRIDAY plane!!" You can probably guess what language was replaced for the sake of cable tv. Paul and I were cracking up over this hilarious line in what Paul says was a totally stupid movie. And we have been quoting it at random moments ever since. Try it, you'll like it.

Random thing 3: My friend Carrie pointed out in a comment to my last post that Paul and I were thinking about going to Mexico. We actually have reservations to head to Cancun in mid-May and for now, we are still planning to go even with the whole swine flu thing that is happening. The way we see it, there are still a couple of weeks for the problem to sort itself out and hopefully by the time we head down there things will be under control. But I am super worried that my little sister's study-abroad program in Guadalajara is going to be cancelled. She is supposed to leave in a week to study at a university there and also to volunteer as a swim instructor for blind kids. I am praying really hard for her. First that she still gets to go, and second that if she does go that she won't get sick.

And finally, I just wanted to share some of the things that currently are making me happy:
1. Coconut-almond cream cheese frosting on chocolate cupcakes
2. My bright yellow shoes
3. Tacos al pastor from divey little Mexican joints in SLC
4. Wearing cotton skirts in the warm spring weather
5. Staying up past midnight
6. Having a sunroof in our new car
7. Watching reality tv without any guilt that I should be studying instead
8. Fresh, sweet red strawberries
9. Having hair that is long enough to easily put into a ponytail
10. Sunshine

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