Sunday, May 31, 2009

♫♪ Cruisin' on a Sunday Afternoon ♪♫

Last summer Paul and I bought beach cruisers and enjoyed riding them all around San Jose and downtown Campbell in California. I love my pale blue and cream color bike with white wall tires and brown leather seat and grips. It is the perfect bike for me - a little retro and super comfortable to ride. I can even ride it wearing one of my summer skirts. Paul's bike is a steely grey and black, but he wishes that he had gone with something more flashy.

The weather has finally been turning nice here in Utah and we have been able to take our bikes out a few times. On Memorial Day we did a ten mile bike ride down Provo Canyon that was absolutely beautiful. I am looking forward to lots of bike rides this summer to get dinner at Cafe Rio, pick up slurpees at the gas station, and just to get out and enjoy the warm weather. Although mountain bikes might be the norm here in Utah, I have to say that I am awfully fond of my beach cruiser.


  1. What a cool picture! I love the bike, but I almost love those yellow shoes more!

  2. Biking is so fun, just as a change of pace from driving all the time. It's so nice to actually be able to enjoy the outdoors sometimes.

    I have to ask about the picture, though. It was great as a teaser in the Google Reader, but it looks a little odd on your blog. Did you cut your head off on accident, or on purpose?

  3. Dee, using artistic discretion, I decided that the shot should be about the bike and chose not to include my shoulders or head. But good point - If I had cut the frame off at the neck, it would have looked like a decapitated body and ruined the effect. What's Google Reader?

  4. Google Reader is like the Blogger dashboard, and I probably saw this post on the Blogger Dashboard. In case you don't use Blogger's dashboard, you select blogs, or on Reader, any web page, and it shows you the most recent posts. Although, I actually use iGoogle more cause I like the format better.

    Anyway, nice bike. Also, I found a hand lotion called "Yes to Carrots" that made me think of you and your new goal.


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