Monday, November 23, 2009

Karma is broken

I am so angry right now guys and I'll tell you why:  I lost my brand new phone.  At the Gap.  I'm pretty sure.  But its the Gap at Park City which is an hour away and I have called them and called my phone (which I know for a fact was on with the ringer on full volume when I lost it) and they say that they can't find it.  Its not in my car, its not lost in the depths of my purse, its not in a pocket.  I was talking to my mother on it while browsing racks of clothes, then when she took another call, I kept my phone out and waited for her to call me back.  She called me back while I was in the dressing room changing, and I know I set my phone down on the bench afterwards.  That is where it has to be.  Or have been unless somebody took off with it. 

And right now I feel like a total moron.  Because I don't do this.  I am not normally a really flighty person about this kind of thing - locking keys in the car or forgetting backpacks/wallets/computers at home (sorry Jess, I'm not criticizing, I'm just sayin').  Although I have left my purse with my passport in an airport bathroom once and freaked out about it and had to hunt it down with the airport police after somebody took it to an airline counter.  But still, that was an isolated incident and I've been fastidious about this kind of thing ever since then. 

But what really gets me, is that in the last week I had a friend misplace her phone and another friend dropped his phone in the toilet.  Since they were both on Sprint and I just switched to Verizon, I offered my old Sprint phone to them as a replacement.  Because hey, I wasn't going to use it and it was a really nice phone.  And I'm a pretty nice person, you know?  So the way I see it, if karma really exists, the Universe owes me a phone, right?  Grrrrrrr...

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  1. Cut yourself some slack - you have a busy week! :)


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