Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day One

I started work at the law firm today.  Its been a long time since I have been gainfully employed.  I actually set an alarm, woke up, and got on my way so that I wouldn't have any problems with traffic.  Turns out my commute took a total of about 28 minutes.  I arrived 45 minutes early and was the first new associate there.  I played it cool though.  Real cool. 

Pretty much the entire day was spent talking about different benefit options that we have to decide between and going over training materials and filling out forms like the W-4, the I-9, etc.  But my mentor took me out to lunch at a cute little restaurant in Palo Alto called Saint Michael's Alley where I had mushroom ravioli in a roasted red pepper sauce.  This is slightly embarassing to admit, but every time I order mushroom ravioli I can't help but think of Bella ordering it on her first 'date' with Edward.  You know - the time when he rescues her from the street toughs because he had been stalking her with his mind?  Is it more lame that I thought about that while I was eating lunch on my first day at work or that I actually came home and blogged about it?

The next couple of days are going to be more of the same - lots of orientation kind of stuff and heading home early to hang out with my handsome husband.  All next week is going to be spent in training also with other new attorneys from offices around the country who are being flown out.  Soooo, no actual real pressure or assignments for a little bit still.  Which is good because it gives me a chance to get over first day jitters. 

As for Paul, we're still not sure when he is going to be able to start at his firm.  We're hoping sooner rather than later, but for now he is looking at what his other options might be.  Because what with bar studying and then all the traveling we did, Paul and I have pretty much spent all day, every day together since last May when we graduated school.  And sitting around the apartment by himself waiting to find out that he can start work just doesn't sound like a whole lotta fun.

In other randomn news of television garbage, did anyone else watch "Conveyor Belt of Love" the other night?  I hadn't heard about it at all until I saw somebody post something about it on FB.  I am not at all a follower of the hook-up reality shows like "The Bachelor".  In fact, I don't think I've ever watched an entire episode of that show.  But "Conveyor Belt of Love" is a train wreck like no other.  You can watch it on Hulu here.  Not that I am promoting it as good TV.  I am just sharing the horror. 

You're welcome.


  1. ahhh... I love you. For so *many* reasons.

  2. It is equally lame that you thought about Twilight characters during your lunch as it is that you then blogged about it. But I understand how a nice lunch out can be the highlight of a day.

  3. First- I love that you thought about Twilight at lunch. Totally made me laugh and I could see myself doing the same thing. Kudos for not actually saying it out loud to the mentor :) Second- where to begin with the Conveyor Belt of Love?? Who comes up with this stuff? I can't decide which is worse- the contrived concept of the show or just the name of the show itself. One thing's things for sure- this will be my new go to answer for where/how I met my husband :)


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