Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our Apartment

Some time ago I promised law school friends who are moving out here at the end of this summer that we would post photos of our apartment so they could see what it is like.  It's been a month now probably and we are just now getting these up.  Sorry Adam and Diana. 

Here is the living room:

Dining room:

Kitchen (with laundry room door at the end of the kitchen where the window is):

From the corner of the dining room so you can see more of the layout and flow:

Laundry room:

Guest bedroom:

Guest Bathroom:

Master bedroom and closets (one on each side):

Master bathroom (nothing special you can see, we need to work on this):

Patio and storage closet:

That's it!  I hope that helps guys.  Can't wait for you to come out here!


  1. Thanks Amy! It's smashing. We'll definitely be checking that place out. Great job on decorating... oh and we have the same couches as you, gotta love RC Willey!

  2. Are your wall hangings your own artwork (photography)? They look very nice. We've done that with a few of our photos, and I really enjoy seeing familiar places on the wall.

  3. Awesome apartment you guys! :)


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