Friday, June 10, 2011

Little Miss Clara

There isn't a whole lot of purpose to this post other than to provide more photos of our Clarabelle.  She's a sweet little angel.  When she is napping she often throws her arms up over her head and sleeps in this Superman pose.
She loves to feel her hair - I think that it is one of the ways that she soothes herself.  My mom gave her this cute little outfit from the Nartje store.
Paul and I are still trying to figure out the best car situation for us.  The Civic is a much better commuter car than Paul's truck, so he takes it most days but that leaves me without transportation.  We trade off if I know I have something going on or need to run errands that day.  But the other day I decided to run errands just by pushing Clara around in her stroller.  We went to the library, Target, the Post Office.  I took this photo of our reflection in the post office window.
Baby Girl got fussy on the way home so we made a pit stop at the park for a diaper change and a bottle.  Her face is getting chubbier and chubbier all the time.
Oh goodness, she is SOOOOO scrumptious.
 And she LOVES it when Daddy gets home from work.
 But after he feeds her, she zonks out. 
Are we lucky parents or what?


  1. Ack - she's adorable! and you two are on your way to being amazing parents!

  2. I get so excited when I see you've updated. I love looking at pictures of her! and you two... and your family! :)

  3. amy, she is so adorable! plus i read somewhere that babies that come from bad home situations will sleep curled up in a ball, but babies that are comfortable will sleep all stretched out like that. you are good parents already! congratulations!

  4. p.s. not to be a creep or anything buuut, this is jessica's friend rochelle :)

  5. You are lucky parents. She's adorable!

  6. You are certainly lucky parent's! I have been following your blog and am a fellow adoptive momma. I love seeing the pictures and stories you have to share!!!

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  8. I have a question. When "we" (and by "we" I mean the public, or the female/women public at large) see a woman out with a new baby, we often want or do ask how old the baby is, and how mom is doing, and there are the usual comments of, "You look so GREAT for just having had a baby!" (Usually regardless of whether mom does or not, lol. My friend got this comment while holding her sister's newborn and my friend was 38 weeks pregnant still! LOL ) Have you had that come up yet, and how are you handling it? What are you sharing with strangers or random people who don't necessarily know Clara's story? Do you just pretend you had her and say thank you, or do you openly share where she came from? Or has it not come up yet? Do you have a mental plan? I think this might be helpful for the "moms in waiting" who are still waiting for their babies to come to them in the world.

    She is so, so beautiful. I love her. I hope you guys get some family portraits done or posted soon! Were those pictures you did with Paul?


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