Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Day Prep

This morning Clara and I hit the grocery store at 8:00.  She was still in her jammies and I hadn't done my hair or makeup (or even brushed my teeth yet - so gross, I know) but I wanted to go at a time when I wouldn't have to wait in any lines and I was trying to get everything before Clara needed to go down for her morning nap.  She looks so tired in these photos but oh-so-cute in her jim-jams.  This was her first time ever sitting in the cart instead of me just carrying her around or sticking her carseat in the cart.  She did well but I need to get one of those cover things that I see all the moms with these days.  Mom - take note, that is a good Christmas present idea.

We bought everything we needed for our Thanksgiving dinner:  vegetables, potatoes (yam and russet), marshmallows for the sweet potatoes, turkey, etc. 

And now she is taking a nap and I am blogging while we wait for Grandpa Russ, Grandma Cici and Aunt Jessica to get here!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I know I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm so sad I'm not there! Clara is darling in her jimmies and looking so sleepy.

  2. Amy, Happy Thanksgiving! I love the picture of Clara with the turkey and the marshmallows. So cute. I hope you and yours have a great day tomorrow. Shauna :)

  3. I had the music from Kayli's blog playing while I read through this and I seriously started to tear up.

    I hope I get this... You know, to be able to just scoop up my baby and go to the store one day... shop for my family. I have so many doubts about those things nowadays but just looking at something so normal and just lovely (and so cute in her jim jams!) just... I dunno, makes me emotional.

    Hope you had a great thanksgiving!


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