Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is about LURVE, and we all want to be lurved, right? Right. 

Welp, in the spirit of LURVE, here are some of the things I love about MY Valentines:
  • The way Paul calls me Sweetie and never ends a phone conversation without telling me he loves me.
  • Paul's green eyes which aren't totally green but a little more brackish, like swamp water. (Perhaps not the most romantic description, I know, but f'rills, he has great eyes.)
  • The way Clara throws her head back, giggling and wanting us to nibble on her neck while we are making "nom-nom-nom" monster sounds.
  • The fact that Paul has never once accused me of being bossy, even though I totally am. For some reason, being told I am bossy has always hurt my feelings.
  • Clara's full-body joy when I show up at the end of the day to pick her up from daycare, complete with a gasp of delight and crawl-sprint into my arms.
  • Paul & Clara's special bond with each other. Clara adores her daddy and Paul adores her right back. It is magical.
  • The way Paul plans for everything - trips, house remodeling, finances, the next adoption process, etc.
  • Clara's current obsession with being held by mom pretty much all the time - when I am cooking, when I am giving her a bath, when I am trying to get ready in the morning.
  • That Paul enjoys the same books that I enjoy and we can discuss them and quote them to each other.
  • The fact that Paul wears his hair a little bit longer than he used to just because he knows I like it that way. 
  • That Clara is so smart that she makes up her own little games to play with us, like hide-in-the-pillows-on-mom-&dad's-bed-then-peek-out-and-laugh-at-them.
  • Paul's steadiness, patience, and love when I am having a hard time with this working-mom gig.
  • And both of their cheeks because I just love to kiss them SO MUCH!!
Happy Valentine's Day to both of my Valentines.
Untitled from Amy Nash on Vimeo.


  1. THIS IS PRECIOUS!!!! She is smart way beyond her age, for sure... :) Babies, there's nothing like em.' Love your list, and happy that you have some great Valentines in your life. Take care,


  2. Love this post!

    Has anyone ever told you that Clara looks like Boo from Monsters Inc.?

    She is so cute!!

  3. Just so you know, I lurve your little family. You guys are the best. I lurved this post, too... and the super-romantic description of Paul's eyes as "brackish, like swamp water" most of all. :)


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