Thursday, June 28, 2012

Miss June

Phew - we are cutting it close with this post with Clara's calendar!  I cannot believe how quickly this month has flown by.  Last night after Clara's dinner and bath, Paul and I took her for a walk and realized that we ought to try to do a quick backyard photo shoot with Clara-girl when we got home while there was nice lighting and before she got completely tuckered out and demanded nocturnal relief.  So we dressed her in one of our favorite current dresses (thanks, Carrie, for the gift - it is darling and the perfect dress for summertime!)

Miss Clarabelle didn't want to stay still (surprise, surprise) so we just let her roam around picking up fallen apples from our golden delicious apple tree that the squirrels have been chucking down even though they aren't ripe yet.  She kept biting into them but they were still too hard and tart for her to get any meat off the apple to chew on.

Just last week (on the 22nd) Clara started talking in earnest.  While she had previously said "dada" and "mama", her first real word was "kick".  She was playing with her little green and blue balls and very clearly thrust her foot at one in a kicking motion while saying "kick! kick!" over and over.  I even got it on video although I haven't uploaded it yet.  Her next word (that she used on the same day even!) was "throw".  Then a day later she started saying "no" to pretty much any question you ask her.  Paul thinks this is hilarious and asks "Clara, do you want to read a book?" or "Clara, do you want to go for a walk?" (some of her favorite activities) just to hear her say in a tiny voice, "nooo."  She will, however, say "yes" if we prompt her though.  Apparently she has heard "no" one too many times since I am always telling her "no! don't put that leaf/shoe/rock/banana peel/paper/book/cord/soap in your mouth!"  Oops.  The only other word she can say already is banana.  She has a counting book with a banana for the number 1 and she will open the book, point at the banana and say "nana!"  We skyped with my mom and sister and they got a banana and held it in front of the screen and she identified it as a "nana" as well.

Clara runs everywhere.  She is super fast and is learning to open doors, take her diapers to the trash by herself, use a spoon, and dry her hands on a towel.  I have to watch her like crazy whenever we are around stairs because she can go up them but still hasn't figured out how to safely go down.  She climbs all over and LOVES to go to the play place at the mall (which is an awesome play place actually and since it is air conditioned I currently prefer going there over the park). 

Her sleep hasn't been stellar lately and she has been waking up once a night and whimpering.  Sometimes a pat on the back is sufficient and she goes right back to sleep but usually she just wants to be rocked for five or ten minutes.  I figured out that she just really does not sleeping when she is not toasty toasty warm and with the weather being nice we haven't been turning her heater on because we didn't think she needed it.  But when we put on the heater right before we go to bed, she sleeps until morning.  So maybe a little higher electric bill even during the summer is worth it.

Some current favorite foods include cauliflower (her favorite vegetable I think and one of my favorites as well), raspberries, graham crackers (she always smells like graham crackers because they are my go-to snack for her because they make her thirsty and so she drinks her milk, which she otherwise sometimes resists), applesauce, roasted chicken, and frosted mini-wheats (which I like to eat for breakfast and will give her a few squares that are a little soft from the milk and she devours them like they are the best thing she has ever eaten).

I will try to get videos uploaded soon!

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  1. I'm so impressed with her growing vocabulary! Way to go Clara. And the dress is darling on her. Can't wait to talk some more!


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