Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Block Game and Sweeping

Yesterday Clara and I were videochatting with my mom when Clara picked up one of her wooden blocks and came up with a new game:  holding the block using just her chin.  I am loving this stage with her - she is always coming up with new hilarious things like this and cracking us up.  And her facial expressions just kill me!  She has these great little eyebrow waggles that she does when she is amused or when she knows that she is doing something clever and funny.  Her hair was in a darling ballerina bun earlier in the day but had gotten all messy from afternoon naptime, but I still love it.


Here is a little video of Clarabelle showing off her new game for Grandma Cece while we were Skyping: 

Another new thing Clara did yesterday was to help me sweep the floor after dinner.  She has a tendency to throw her plate right at the end of a meal and so far I have had no luck convincing her not to do it and haven't figured out the perfect timing for when to just remove her plate.  So we end up with rice or pasta or whatever on the floor most evenings (but never the vegetables which she gobbles up every time - she has seriously improved our eating habits just because I know that I always have to serve sufficient vegetable options since they are obviously her favorite aside from pretty much any kind of fruit).  Anyway, as I was trying to sweep up rice she kept running through the mess and laughing like a little maniac until I asked her to come help me sweep, at which point she ran right over and grabbed the broom with me while repeating "sweep! sweep!"  We both look awfully tired in these photos but it had been a long day of running around. 

And a little video of Clara being mommy's good helper by sweeping the floor:

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  1. These are the cutest pictures ever!!!!! I love it. I love the looks of your chicken, I make that frequently. We love that here. HAPPPPYYYYY HALLOWEEEEEN!!!!!!! Love

    Shauna xoxxo


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