Sunday, December 16, 2012

Miss December (and Miss November since I missed that month)

I have loved taking these monthly photos of Clara with this calendar.  Paul and I were just looking through all of these the other day and we were amazed at how much she has changed since we took her Miss January pictures back at this start of this year.  Clara adores Snowman and Santa and likes to give them hugs or have me help her play ring-around-the-rosie with them.  This is her "official" Christmas dress and she is so darling in it (she has a "secondary" Christmas dress that is green that she wore for her photos with Santa - they were both so cute that I couldn't decide which one to get so she ended up with two new dresses for the holiday season).  I will have to take more pictures - maybe when we do family photos in Utah or something - to show details better since she is wearing her cardigan here. 

Little Miss was in HEAVEN playing in the fall leaves.  Paul was raking and I was using the leaf blower and Clara ran back and forth between us absolutely squealing in delight.  She especially loved when I would use the leaf blower to scatter a big pile of leaves up into the air just as she was about to run through them - it made her laugh and laugh.

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  1. Oh I loooove the December photo. Her dress is so darling. I am impressed that her little people nativity is set up so nicely. Despite my constant reminders to "be soft" with baby Jesus, our nativity is constantly being dumped on the floor, piled into a school bus, etc. But hey, there has to be some Christmas decorations they can touch, right?

    And you have a leaf blower? That kinda makes me laugh. I guess I always thought that only landscaping crews owned those.


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