Saturday, March 30, 2013

San Francisco Zoo

On Friday I met up with my friend Ginny and her two boys at the San Francisco Zoo.  This was our (Clara and my) first time at this zoo and we liked it a lot.  The Oakland Zoo (which we went to just a few weeks ago) is pretty different so it was interesting to compare the two zoos.  I can't say that I like one better than the other - I liked that Oakland had elephants and asian sun bears but I liked that San Francisco had polar bears, hippos, and penguins.

One of the coolest things was seeing this mama kangaroo hopping around with a joey in her pouch.  I've never seen that before and it was fascinating. 

Me, Clara, Ginny, Max and Ollie.  I can't believe that when we first met Ollie was younger than Clara is now.  I remember playing board games with Ginny and Jason just a few days before Max was born and holding Max when he was just a few days old and now she is expecting their third baby.  We are excited for them and wish they still lived close by. 

Tigers are so beautiful.  But frightening.  This is the zoo where just a few years ago a tiger got out of his cage and mauled a visitor to death (but in the tiger's defense, the visitor he mauled was some thug kid who had been taunting the poor tiger). 

Who doesn't love penguins?  They have to be the cutest bird ever.  If I was an animal, maybe I would be a penguin.

Clara was obsessed with Ollie.  I brought her stroller but she mostly wanted to just be walking around chasing after Ollie and calling his name even though Max is closer to her in age (Max is about 8 months older than Clara I think). 

American River Otters - SO cute and fun.  Maybe I would be a river otter instead of a penguin. 

The baboon needed a nap - this was a yawn even though it looks like a roar. 

Clara is now officially obsessed with zoos and keeps asking for the "animals".


  1. We went on WEdnesday of last week to this zoo. Your pictures are so much better, I think I am going to refer to your blog for "better pictures." Glad the weather was nice for you, it misted on us the whole day really. But, it was still fun, as always with kids. Love,

    Shauna xoox

  2. Maybe Clara is shopping for a "big" brother or sister instead of a little one. lol It's nice to have someone to look up to!

    Did you notice they kind of look alike? They could totally pass for siblings at this age. It's pretty cute.

    In regards to all of the animals you think you might like to be.. I see a theme... You just want to lounge around and eat fish all day!!! lol

  3. I'm so glad we got to meet up with you guys. We had a great time. Ollie still talks about the polar bears. As far as what animal I would be, based on our trip I think the sea lions were having the most fun. I definitely would not want to be a kangaroo carrying my baby around for 8 months (oh wait, isn't that what I'm doing now).


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