Monday, May 20, 2013

May Utah Trip to Meet Adelaide

My mom was going to fly out here in June to visit but a few weeks back she called to ask whether I would be interested in flying out to Utah to visit instead so I could see everybody meet the new baby and everybody could see Clara.  We jumped on it since it would be the last time that Clara could fly for free. 

Clara LOVED flying on the airplane.  She was the best little traveler the entire time.  We had a layover in Portland on our way to SLC and the pilot let Clara check out the cockpit.  It was pretty neat and he showed her how a bunch of the buttons and gears work (basically he just made lights flash and buzzers beep).

This is our newest niece, Adelaide.  She is a little sweetie-pie - so content and mellow.  I could not believe how tiny she felt in my arms.

Aunt Jennie and Uncle Ray gave Clara this Leap Frog guitar for her birthday and it was a huge hit.  She rocked out and wore the guitar around all the next day.

It was a low-key week and we stuck close to home the whole time.  Clara helped grandpa and grandma with their gardening.

We went and got Sweet Tooth Fairy cupcakes.

And the little girls adored Adelaide.  Each day Clara would climb up on the couch when I was holding Adelaide and ask to "hold! Baby 'Laide!" 

All four girls together - Clara, Lily, Emma, and Adelaide.  These girls had so much fun together all week long since Jennie stayed at my parents' house too so we could maximize our time there.  Clara and Lily took baths together every night and their shrieks and giggles of joy could be heard through the entire house as they doused each other with water.

Clara thought this magnifying glass in the office was pretty cool.

Clara was given a toy medical kit for her birthday by my aunts and she and Emma had fun "examining" their very patient patient, Lily. 

When I was helping Clara pretend to be a doctor, I told her that I could see animals in her eyes and ears and she thought that was hilarious and has carried that on ever since.

Another cute photo of Adelaide when she was getting ready for a bath.

Watching "Cat in the Hat".

Aunt Jessica bought a little kiddie pool and this turtle sprinkler toy for the girls to play in since none of the Utah pools have opened yet even though it was 95 degrees the first day we were there.  The little girls had a ball splashing in the pool and running through the sprinklers.  There is a little video at the end of this post where you can see them playing.  Lily was cracking us up because she is such a little chunk and she would just flop into the water and giggle.  I love her.

My mom with her newest granddaughter.  The boys in my family are totally outnumbered. 

One last pic of the girls since they are just so cute.

C:UsersAmyDesktopUtah Trip May 2013 from Amy Nash on Vimeo.


  1. Such cute, cute, cute girls! All of them! How fun to have so many little girl cousins close in age. The pool video was hilarious. And I especially love the doctor photos. I'm impressed with Lily's patience.

  2. I can't get over how adorable these cousins are!


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