Sunday, June 23, 2013

Life lately, according to my iPhone...

Clara got new pajamas for summer time since all her others were long sleeved.  She does this funny thing where she tells me her mood - this is "happy now".

We have had the most glorious weather so one afternoon we took a quilt out back and did reading time on the lawn after playing some soccer together with the ball she got for her birthday. 

I have been piecing a quilt for Clara and finally finished the top.  I still need to prepare the backing, then have it quilted and bound, but I love how it looks.  Even though I know how to do meandering quilting, I want this to be more of an heirloom quilt for her so I am going to pay to have it professionally quilted by a local quilt shop that does beautiful work.  I'm probably going to save this for a Christmas present for her.  The pattern was in four issues of Quiltmakers magazine (different blocks were given each issue until the whole thing was completed) and it is called "Meet Me At The Manor".

Clara loves the "Danny the Dragon" ride at Happy Hollow.  It is actually super boring and lame but we do it every time because she always asks for it.  Her favorite part is a tunnel with blacklights and glitter on fluorescent painted walls - she calls them "sparkly jewels" (because that is what I told her they are).

Checking out the meerkats with Dad at Happy Hollow.

I think I have mentioned this on the blog before but I love those Bertolli dinners that you can buy in the freezer aisle at the grocery store.  We don't eat them very often but sometimes when I am just not in the mood to cook they come in handy.  I usually supplement with a salad and bread because the meals are only for 2 servings and I usually just share mine with Clara, but the other night Paul wasn't home yet (he was working later than normal) and Clara devoured her own dinner, then proceeded to eat ALL of Paul's.  The evidence is all over her face.  I called Paul on his way home and told him he might want to pick something up for dinner - haha.

This picture is pretty bad - the resolution is just awful - but a local theater is doing dollar movies for the kiddie crowd on Fridays for the summer and they were playing "Horton Hears A Who" so Clara and I went with our friends Lisa and Blake.  Clara did awesome, although the last 20 minutes she started asking me "almost done?"  But she clapped and laughed along with the rest of the toddler-aged audience. 

Our neighbor across the street brings us the most incredible plums from his tree every summer.  We have been gorging on the delicious beauties all week and may have to go replenish our supply for next week since he has offered as many as we can eat.

Speaking of eating, Clara still isn't huge on sweets but we have recently discovered that she LOVES mint ice cream like this Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie (one of my favorites).  She also ate almost all of Grandma Nash's peppermint ice cream from Marianne's the other week and she was pretty enthusiastic about rainbow sherbet from Thrifty's, too.

This past week I took Clara for her second haircut.  The first one was a little over a year ago and she had a spot in the middle on the back of her head that was just a little too short for everything to be trimmed, so she has been a little bit straggly as her length has grown out.  I just asked the stylist to take a little off to even it all up.  Clara cried (fake cry though, not a real one) at first for about 15 seconds until she noticed there was a movie on the television.  After that she was content to sit and watch "Cars 2". 

While Paul's parents were visiting we went out to a local chinese restaurant called Taiwan.  It is a big favorite for Paul's family from when they were living here.  Clara seemed to really enjoy the sweet & sour chicken, but this picture is of Paul feeding her a fruit snack with his chopsticks. 

We are big fans of Dr. Seuss around these parts and this is my favorite Dr. Seuss book - Green Eggs and Ham.

I made a little "bed" for Clara on the floor in the living room with some quilts and the pillow off her bed.  We were really just playing, but she actually fell asleep!  It was the first time she has fallen asleep and taken her nap in a sort of not normal spot and I thought it was just so cute.

If you haven't tried Pluots before, they are yummy.  They are in season at the farmer's markets right now and are a cross between a plum and an apricot. 

Snack time at Happy Hollow.

Back around Clara's birthday we got to Skype with Kayli and her family one night.  It was so much fun and Clara was having fits of giggles when Kayli's youngest brother started pulling funny faces for Clara.

Grandma Cece gave Clara this little backpack while we were in Utah last time and she loves it.  On our way home I packed it full of books and it was legitimately heavy for someone who is only a couple feet tall and weighs only 26 pounds but she proudly wore that thing all around the airport.

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