Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A few more resolutions...

I already posted about my major and "real" resolutions back here, but I have been thinking of a few more.  This list is more my "yeah right, of course I'm not going to be able to stick to all of these and probably won't even give it more of a half-hearted effort but I might as well put it out there because one of these years maybe one or two of these resolutions will stick" kind of list.

- Never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink
- Make the bed every day (this is kind of a freebie "goal" because I am really good at this one and maybe only miss a few days here and there during the year anyway)
- Fold laundry and put it away the day I wash it all
- Expand my repertoire of vegetarian meal options
- Go on a real trip somewhere (pretty much needs to involve air travel to qualify)
- Floss every day
- Go through our food storage/emergency supplies and update and inventory everything
- Read all the conference talks from each General Conference
- Go to the beach a lot more during the summer
- Do more photo shoots with Clara (I feel like I take lots of pictures but I'm not capturing things the way I used to and I miss that - this may sound totally crazy to anybody who reads this blog and feels like it is always flooded with photos of her)
- Try new restaurants
- Prepare my Sunday School lessons for Gospel Doctrine more in advance than day of (shouldn't be too hard to keep this one since our church is moving to a 9:00 a.m. meeting time so I won't have the morning to prepare like I have this past year)
- Work on Family History (I may just count increased journaling on my part as fulfilling this but I would love to do more)
- Read classic literature (I already have reading goals for the year but I have a tendency to read just the overtly "fun" stuff and I feel like I am missing substance that I know I love but have been too lazy to get back to)
- Grow a garden
- Give Paul more foot massages because I know he loves them or alternatively (and maybe preferably or additionally) go get pedicures with him every now and then
- Take family photos (even if it is just using the tripod, I like having pictures of us as a family that are up to date and to compare to previous ones.  But I would love to have a professional take some for us.)
- Take Clara to the zoo, the aquarium, the discovery center, and a museum
- Be a better friend
- Do my visiting teaching every month
- Read the Ensign each month
- Use all 20+ tiny tubes of sample toothpaste that have somehow collected in the medicine cabinet before buying any more full-size tubes
- Comment on blogs more regularly

I think that list is more than sufficient for now.  I feel like I am forgetting some that have been on my mind the past few days but I can always add those later.  Like I said, I'm not totally serious about holding myself accountable to any of the above, but I would love to be able to improve on or do at least some of the above to a better extent than 2013. 


  1. Awesome goals! And ditto to visiting teaching every month. :)

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  3. Thanks for the inspiration! (Photos, HT, flossing, family history)
    The new family search website is pretty amazing. I have to disagree that it's not real travel if you don't fly, though.


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