Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Rainy Day

Last weekend we finally got a little rain around here.  It has been so dry and we are in such a drought that the previous Sunday there was a fast for rain held by the church members statewide.  Clara has been patiently waiting (yeah right, her little red umbrella already has a little bit of a bent side because she loves to play with it but I figured that was bound to happen eventually) to use her raingear that Santa brought her for Christmas and this was her first opportunity. 

Rose was asleep in her crib when Clara woke up from her nap and I didn't really want to take Rose outside in the damp anyway, so I set up the video monitor and took it outside with me so I could hear her.  Clara and I just played in front of the house. 

Clara wasn't as excited about splashing in the puddles as I thought she would be.  I mean, she liked it, but I think she was more like, "hmm, what is the point of this weirdness?".  Still though, even though she wasn't smiling and laughing like I thought she might, she didn't want to go in when I told her it was time to be done. 

And here is a little video (it's nothing much but my mom mentioned wanting to see it.  As soon as I turned the camera on she got shy and just decided to stand there so I was telling her what to do which is super obnoxious, I know)...

Clara plays in the rain from Amy Nash on Vimeo.

We are hoping for a lot more rainy days still so that she can have more chances to use her raingear and because we need the water so badly in our state.


  1. So cute! Her raingear is just adorable!

  2. Any pictures with little girls and umbrellas are automatically my favorites. :)

    Thanks for the email. Happy love week,



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