Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Life Lately, According to my iPhone...

It seems like it has been a while since I have done a post of random downloads from my phone.  So here are some random images that I have captured in the past month. 
Clara on the balance beam at gymnastics.  My mom bought this new leotard for Clara when she was visiting and oh my gosh Clara is over the moon about it.  This past Monday she begged me to let her stay in it after class.  She even specified that she wanted to wear it for her nap.  She is so ready to move up to the next class level but has to wait until she is 3 in May and it is getting rough because she is literally lapping the other kids in her class when they do obstacle courses because she goes through them so fast.

I am really seriously thinking about doing homeschool preschool for Clara this upcoming year rather than enrolling her somewhere.  So I have been trying out some homeschool stuff to see what it might be like and these Do-A-Dot paints are a major hit.  Clara LOVES them and with these little worksheets she is doing art and learning how to make her letters at the same time.  Incidentally, a friend who has run a preschool for 15 years put me on to a couple of really great websites for homeschool preschool resources so if you are interested, check out Confessions of a Homeschooler and 1+1+1=1

One of Paul's co-workers gave us these darling dresses from Baby Gap for the girls and I can't get over how cute they are in their coordinating outfits.

Just a selfie with my girls on Valentine's Day.  Rose wasn't having it.

Speaking of Valentine's Day - chocolate covered strawberries are my FAVORITE and Paul always gets the most amazing ones from a place in downtown San Jose that has been around for 100 years or something.  Clara got her own little box and was ecstatic about it.  I can never decide whether my favorite is dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate but there are worse things in life to be unable to reach a conclusion about. 

Yep, it is springtime.  This daffodil proves it.  Clara tells me "I love daffodils!".  She tells us "I love _____!" on a regular basis these days and names some random new thing that she wants us to know she approves of. 

This funny hat was another preschool activity idea for fine motor skill development by sticking pipe cleaners into a strainer.  Clara seemed to think it was weird but humored me about it and then tried on the hat for a picture.  The big wet spot on her front is from a spill at breakfast and clearly we hadn't changed her out of her jammies yet.

Oh Rose.  Her smiles are SO precious and I cannot get enough of them.  This is just a little grin but sometimes she makes the big ol' full face 1,000 watt smiles. 

Just a little dress-up when she spotted daddy's cowboy boots and hat from a past Halloween costume sitting up in his closet.  The pose was completely her own. 

I can't seem to stop myself from taking photos of Rose totally conked out in my arms like this.

I tilted her forwards to get a pic of her long eyelashes.

Clara went to a friend's birthday party the other week.  She got to wear a fancy party dress and I did her hair up in a fancy braid.  This girl is obsessed with birthdays.  I wonder where that comes from?

I don't know why it has been so long since I have bought grapefruit.  A couple weeks ago they were on sale and I picked some up and of course Clara loves it. 

Clara asks me to get a safety pin to affix this blanket around her on a daily basis.  It is her "Elsa Cape".  Really what she likes is having it trail behind her like a train.  For a brief second I thought about buying her an Elsa dress from the Disney store but then I realized that there was no need to stifle her creativity and if she can pretend that her zebra striped blanket is a sparkly blue Elsa dress then kudos to her.

More art project fun.  Using scissors to cut is her favorite thing, followed by painting, followed by glue.  Today she told me "I don't like to color."  Which I already knew about her but I always try to talk her into drawing with crayons anyway. 

Rose had a 6-week checkup with the doctor.  She is doing awesome and is roughly in the 60% percentiles for height and weight and everything is looking good.  Poor baby got all her shots - 2 in her left leg, 1 in her right leg, and an oral vaccination.  She handled them pretty well though and didn't even get a fever afterwards.  I'm SO glad she has been vaccinated against whooping cough now - that one causes me so much anxiety and I am so glad we don't have to worry about that illness now.

And that is pretty much it for now.


  1. You have a wonderfully full life with two precious gifts from heaven. It is so fun for you to share some glimpses into your blessings. Their little outfits are so fun also. It is a blast to dress up our little girls in cute baby girl outfits.

  2. Have you guys ever been to Daffodil Hill in Volcano/Amador County? It's out past Sutter Creek in gold country, but it should be opening in the next couple of weeks (it usually opens right around my birthday, March 24th) and is just hills and hills of daffodils! I remember it being free, and just a nice place to walk and run around, and pack a picnic! It does close if it's too muddy or rainy, but even in the times I've accidentally shown up on those days, I've at least been able to see stuff over the fence while I walked along the country roads! And there are peacocks hanging around! It's a great day trip to combine with maybe a fun pit stop in Sacramento or there is an olive oil tasting place out that direction too. Sutter Creek is a cute little sleepy town too!


  3. I love these pictures. How cool that she's doing gymnastics. And homeschooling is not for me but I really think you would be such a great homeschool mom, especially if you could baby swap a bit to get some time to yourself. I don't know if you need that sort of thing, though. :)


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