Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Clara-isms of late

I have got to write more of these down because there are at least a couple times a day when Clara says or does something that has me dying:

Clara has this game with circular playing cards with pictures of fish or turtles or frogs on them.  She picked one up, walked it over to the blu-ray player and set it down in front of it, then ran and grabbed my phone and stood in front of the TV while explaining to me "I've got your phone. Don't freak out.  I'm pretending it is the remote control."

Clara was frustrated that I was putting Rose in the jumparoo instead of Clara's "baby" so she was scowling and shouting "no! no!" at me.  After reprimanding her she stated matter of factly: "I really appreciate this conversation."  Except usually "conversation" sounds a little more like "conbersation".

I made seared mahi mahi for dinner the other night.  Although she is a great eater, she usually doesn't give compliments about food unless she really, really loves it.  Or if I ask her how it is she just grunts, "good," and keeps eating.  But this time she took a bite of fish and gushed, "ooh, I like it crispy and crunchy.  Sooo good mommy."  At least she didn't say "I likes it raw and wriggling."

I had left a box of neatly washed and folded 0-6 month size clothes in the guest bedroom instead of putting it up on a shelf in the garage.  Clara apparently opened it and went through it to find the perfect dress for her "baby"  (the stuffed zebra one) and came out proudly showing us her baby's new dress.  I was exasperated that she got into the box (even though it was my fault) and took the dress to return it to the box (I was nice about it though - she wasn't in trouble).  She followed me down the hallway (I'm pretty sure she knew going into it that keeping the dress was a long shot) and confidently demanded:  "Give it back you mean old thing!"  (It's a quote from Cinderella to Lucifer the cat, in case you don't recognize it).  I just about died and decided, what the heck, who cares if one little dress doesn't make it into the right box, so I gave it back.

We were driving in the car and Rose was being super vocal.  I mentioned to Clara that Rose was "talking up a storm" and Clara immediately replied, "yeah, she's talking up a rain too."

I have been drinking these whey protein shakes after working out at the gym whenever I do weights and Clara immediately requested a taste the first day.  It is just chocolate flavored powder mixed with water and while not awful, isn't amazing or anything but mostly I knew that if I gave in she would constantly ask to drink my protein shake so I explained that it was not chocolate milk, it was a protein shake and it tasted yucky but it helped my muscles after exercise so I was going to chug it as fast as I could.  Then I chugged it and made gagging noises like it was the worst thing ever.  So later that day (and every day since then) Clara has walked around the house with a sippy cup full of water taking sips and making gagging sounds while explaining that she was drinking her yucky protein shake and sorry, I couldn't have any because it was yucky and she was just going to chug it. 

I told Clara I was making French toast for breakfast and I then overheard her say to her "baby" (the zebra again): "ooh-la-la, my mother knows French! She is making French toast!".  Her favorite books are the Fancy Nancy books and obviously this has infiltrated her vocabulary.


  1. Hahahaha! I LOVE this! Laughing my head off at work- pretty sure I just confirmed to my coworkers that I'm crazy.

    "Give it back, you mean old thing!" Bwaaahahahaha

  2. Best post ever! I am dying over here. "Give it back, you mean old thing!" was by far my favorite. But the rest of them are hilarious too. What a character she is.

  3. These are AWESOME!! Hahahaahahahaa

  4. Cracked me up! Especially the protein shake. :)


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