Friday, September 19, 2014

Julia Rose at 8 Months Old

Oh Rose, this has been such a big month for you!  We have been watching you grow and develop and accomplish new things on a daily basis and it is amazing.  Just this past week you got really serious about getting up on your hands and knees all on your own and have started practicing it over and over, even rocking a little to try to build some momentum to get at a toy you want.  I would not be at all surprised if you are crawling by the time you are 9 months old.  The biggest problem is that you like to practice flopping over onto your belly and pushing up to hands and knees in the bathtub, which you find hilarious and I find frightening and exasperating.  You roll over and over and over to get across the floor and have entered the phase of squirming away from diaper changes. 

You are also really interested in this business of standing and have been practicing a lot lately at your little activity table.  You can't quite get yourself to standing position next to the couch on your own but again, its something I bet you will be doing in the next month given how much I can see you want it.  And you love when we hold you for balance and let you practice standing and even held your balance unassisted for 2 seconds yesterday.  This green and white dress is a hand-me-down from Clara and I just love it on you - its my favorite actually. 

Rose, you are such a solid girl and despite my aching arms I just love it so much.  Clara coos "oh Rose, you are SUCH a chunky baby!!" at you on an almost daily basis because we just love your round little tummy and roly-poly legs.

And your hair is getting long enough to do cute little piggy tails.  Which you sort of hate when I am trying to put them in but then are good about leaving them alone.  And I kind of have to do it because when I don't pull your hair back it is getting long enough to hang down into your eyes a little bit.  I'm hoping you get used to having your hair done, like Clara did, so that you are good about letting me braid it when you get a little bit older and your hair gets a little bit longer because I am dying to do matching hairstyles for you and your big sister. 

Speaking of your big sister, she sometimes acts like you are one of her dolls and tries to dress you up in one of her tutus.  You are a good sport about it most of the time and nobody can make you laugh the way Clara can.  Without question, you are more entertained by Clara than by anybody else and I can already see that you hero-worship her, even when she isn't being the nicest and is stealing toys from you (and ardently explaining to me that you "gave" it to her even after I just witnessed the yank that pulled it from your grasp).  Thankfully, Clara obviously adores you so the times when she gets a little grabby are few and usually she is very good about bringing you something to play with or even reading her books to you.  And Clara loves taking baths with you and sharing the rubber duckies, which might be one of your favorite toys.

You have the cutest little giraffe tongue that you stick out all the time, especially when you are happy and being vocal.   Leaves, acorns, twigs, grass and rocks are some of the things you have been trying to shove into your mouth lately as we have been outside more enjoying the cooler September temperatures at the park or in the backyard. 

I haven't been able to get a picture of them yet but your top two teeth have broken through the gums in the past week and a half, which has been a huge relief since you got really fussy when those things were cutting through.  So now you have four teeny white teeth, although the ones on top haven't come down very far yet even though they are totally visible.  And your little bite is sharp!  I know because you bit me yesterday at Lowe's when I didn't get your Blueberry Puff into your mouth fast enough without getting my finger back out.  And speaking of puffs, your coordination has improved loads too and you can pretty accurately move cheerios, puffs, and blueberries from your tray into your mouth on your own now.  I need to come up with some different snacking options for you though because you are getting a little bored with puffs. 

You sure are a fun little sprite, Rosie-girl, and we love you so.  In just two weeks we will finalize your adoption and we are so happy and excited about that.  It was supposed to happen this past month but the court overbooked and had to change finalization to October 1st.  Then over Thanksgiving when family can come visit we are going to go to the Oakland temple and be sealed as an eternal family.  We can hardly wait.

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