Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pumpkin Patch FHE

For family night this past Monday we took the girls to a pumpkin patch near our home.  Originally I wanted to check out a farm/pumpkin patch called Joan's in Livermore but they close at 6:00 everyday and we started out too late for that.  But we ended up really loving Moore's, which is tucked away in the hills of what I think is Castro Valley.  Or super east Dublin.
Anyway, they have these great little wagons and the girls had a great time riding around in them.  Clara was a good big sister and held on to Rose the whole time.  She took it very seriously. 

Rose started sliding down a little and Clara thought it was a perfect position to kiss those chubby cheeks.  Rose didn't seem to mind a bit.

The pumpkins were all set up on hay bales on a hay strewn lot.  There were loads of cornhusks and old-fashioned carnival lighting and character cutouts around so it was a very charming atmosphere.  There were also a number of carnival rides, too, and we told Clara she could go on one. 

The girls were pretty content to just hang out in the wagon rather than walking around selecting pumpkins so Paul and I picked for them.  There were lots of massive pumpkins the size of Rose (which is saying something because she's pretty good-sized herself).

A little explanation behind Clara's face in the next picture:  She was not loving that Rose got the smaller, cuter of the small pumpkins.  She didn't throw a fit about it or anything (though she mentioned it) but she swapped them out and then declared the smaller one to be hers later on when I had lifted Rose from the wagon for a bit.  At least she has learned her lesson about not taking things from baby sister and waited for Rose to be "done" with it?

Rose seemed to think that uncooked pumpkin stems make good eatin'.

Clara thought it was pretty cool to be Mickey Mouse while Rose was Minnie Mouse.

Just a couple of family pumpkin patch shots to go with ones from past years in our Halloween scrapbook album.

See Clara's glee?  That's the smaller pumpkin she has now commandeered in this picture after the previous family photo op.

Paul's parents got to come with us because they are out here visiting before our annual Yosemite trip.  This is the third October in a row that they have been able to go to the pumpkin patch with us.

Clara had SUCH a fun time on the super slide and totally charmed the ride attendant so that she got to go again even though we didn't have any more tickets left.  I took her the second time and she giggled the entire way up the stairs.

And while Clara rode the slide, Rose decided to stand up in the wagon all by herself.  Such a big girl.

We kind of loved Moore's, especially since it was very different from the pumpkin patches we have gone to in the past, and we will probably go again next year for an FHE just because it had kind of that magical quality with the nighttime carnival lighting and the girls thought it was a special treat being outside late. 

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