Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Little Things

There are so many tiny things that happen each day that make my heart glow as a mom, despite the sometimes stressful nature of the job.  And I always mean to take the time to remember them but I know I won't - certainly not all or even most of them.  So I'm taking just a few minutes today to jot down a few of the more recent ones that I can call to memory.

  • Rose has just recently learned the meaning of the word "kiss".  I think its from watching Adelaide giving kisses like crazy while she was out here visiting but yesterday was the first day that Rose has intentionally crawled up onto my lap while I was down on the floor playing with her, brought her face close to mine, grinned a half-grin, and then smooched me.  She pulled away, smiled sweetly when I said "thank you for that kiss, rose!" and then gave me two more before giggling and squirming away. 
  • Clara likes to drink the little bit of water left in the bottom of a bowl I used to rinse and serve raspberries in because she calls it raspberry juice.  Today I went to put Rose down for her nap while Clara was still at the table finishing dessert (the raspberries) and when I came out of Rose's room I spotted Clara carefully walking down the hallway with the empty bowl.  She offered it to me by saying "here mom, you may have a sip of my raspberry juice, just don't drink it all, okay?"  The sweet way she said it, the earnestness of her expression, her willingness to part with a sip of her meager "juice", the way she carefully carried the bowl around the house to seek me out - I don't know, it just caught me off guard I guess and made me feel emotional at how I can love someone so little so much.
  • A few weeks back I was loading up the car for some errands or something - diaper bag, buckling Rose in, purse, water, snacks, etc. when I heard Clara running through the house whimpering.  I stepped inside to find her looking panicky because she couldn't find her shoes and she was worried that I was going to leave without her.  It hit me forcefully that my impatience (which wasn't even high that day) was causing her stress and anxiety that no three year old child needs.  I got down on her level and promised her that I would never, ever leave her behind, then I helped her find her shoes.  Almost every day since then when we are getting ready to head out the door and she is sitting putting her shoes on she has wanted me to confirm my promise that I would never leave her behind and it is like I can see the feeling of safety and protection and confidence that fills her when I say those words.  I know I won't always have that power but I am grateful for it now.
  • Rose loves to be nuzzled.  Anywhere, really, but especially under her chin with my nose.  Although she laughs when tickled with fingers, there is nothing that gets her giggling quite like being nuzzled. 
  • The girls both adore playing with our handbells.  Rose crawls around with one in her hand until she finds a spot she likes, then she sits up and rings it like crazy.  Clara has commandeered both purple bells and I have to put them up whenever Rose is sleeping.
  • Clara offered the dinner prayer on Sunday when Paul's parents and my parents were both her.  It went on and on and on and was so gosh darn hilarious that all of us were barely containing our mirth by the time she was halfway through and she got angry at Paul for his silent laughs behind his hands and told him to "be serious, daddy" which made all of us just silently laugh even harder.  Tears were leaking from eyes, it was so funny.  At one point she started reciting part of the pledge of allegiance before going back to naming every single item in the room that she was thankful for. 
  • Clara confidently told me yesterday that she has a "fairy heavenly godfather". 
  • Rose's favorite food is german pancakes.  I swear she can practically eat more of them than I can. 
  • We had our first really impactful teaching experience about prayer with Clara a few weeks ago when she couldn't find her baby zebra.  This has happened before but I just have never thought to tell her we should pray about it.  We looked all over the house and in the car and everywhere we could think and Clara was sad about having to go to bed without her zebra.  Then I (finally) had the idea that we would ask Heavenly Father to help us find her.  Clara offered a sweet prayer and as soon as we were done praying, I knew - like, KNEW - exactly where her zebra was: under Rose's crib.  Rose was already asleep so I just didn't mention anything because really, the answer to prayer does not have to be immediate and I could tell that Clara was comforted by the act of offering the prayer.  So we waited but the next morning I explained to her how after she had given her prayer the night before I had felt the Holy Ghost tell me where to look for baby zebra.  And it was like I saw gears click into place in Clara's mind as she made the connections about Heavenly Father and prayers and answers and I realized that this is how the foundation of a testimony is built. 


  1. Sweetest moments. Thank you for sharing them.

  2. I know this isn't you laughing at your daughter's prayers, but this is immediately what I was picturing (bad parents, laughing at their poor children who has already been traumatized by years of catholic school - really, the bad man will take you away?!)

  3. Hahahaha I think that adding the pledge was a very thoughtful touch! That's my favorite part.


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