Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Life lately, according to my iPhone...

A few weeks ago I made it to the Farmer's Market in Pleasanton on a Saturday morning while Paul was working on the house.  I miss the weekday afternoon farmer's markets during the summer and am looking forward to their return in just a few more months.  Clara was ecstatic about this purple cauliflower, which is sort of a genius concept because Miss Rose, who has not been at all enticed by white cauliflower, devoured the purple kind.  The herbie curd cheese and the boysenberry pies rock my world, and Clara's too apparently since she snuck all the cheese when I wasn't looking.  The yellowfin rockfish was pretty amazing too, after I rubbed it with salt and stuffed chopped basil and garlic in slits down its sides.

Speaking of the house, the remodel continues, however slowly.  Its been about 5 weeks now since Paul tore out the tile and most of the kitchen.  I wish I had more to report about and show pictures of, but right now things still look pretty rough.  Most of what has been happening has been plumbing (running gas lines and rearranging water lines since we are moving the location of the sink), electrical, framing and drywall, texturing walls, painting, and having the ceiling patched, textured and painted.  So, lots has happened but none of it is the very pretty stuff that makes for good photos.  Floors are going down this week though and next week cabinets and counters are supposed to be installed so hopefully in two weeks we'll have a functioning kitchen again, even though there will be loads of finish work before everything is "officially" done.


Clara's sense of style is so awesome.  She loves wearing leotards and dress-up skirts and jewelry.  Often the first thing out of her mouth in the mornings is a plan for what she wants to dress-up in for that day. 

We got our new fridge and set it up in the living room.  It really is a pretty sweet appliance and we are loving the space and freezer organization.  And the freezer on the bottom actually works as a fridge if we want, so when we have company and need more fridge space, we could just move things to the freezer in the garage and have way more fridge space.  Its embarrassing to love an appliance so much.

Because of the construction, we've been doing lots of picnics on paper plates.  Thankfully the weather has been A M A Z I N G.  We've also been at the park and on lots of walks, etc.

Our favorite time of day is when daddy gets home from work.  The girls rush him as soon as he gets out of his truck.  Rose lifts her arms up to him and just wants him to scoop her up so she can rest her head on his shoulder and pat his back for a few seconds while she coos contentedly.  It is the sweetest.

We wanted to do a hike on Mt. Diablo but it didn't exactly work out because we only brought the double Bob stroller and the trail was only partially paved.  But the observatory had some nice views and the girls had fun running around the inside of the lighthouse.

Clara loves it when I paint her nails for her.  We got crazy one day last week when she was dealing with a four-day long fever and I gave her a "little mermaid" manicure.  It has been her favorite ever and she has been super proud of it.

The girls have been into coloring lately.  Which is a lovely way to spend quiet time when we are stuck back in Clara's bedroom while work is going on out front.

We definitely don't Skype enough with these girls. 

Turns out when your house is torn apart and your husband is working on house projects most evenings, there is actually time to catch up on reading lists.  "The Martian", "Paper Towns" and "Wonder" have all been really interesting reads that I have plowed through recently. 

Our garage, guest bedroom, and master bedroom pretty much look like this.  The clutter everywhere is driving me insane.  I cannot wait to have things organized and put back together again.  On the bright side, Rose has been loving having a drawer full of spice jars to dig through and shake.

And finally, I am in love with this picture of these two girls taking a Sunday night bubble bath. 

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