Monday, March 16, 2015

Dublin St. Patrick's Parade, Pi Day, and Sleepy Girls

St. Patrick's Day is a big deal around here - we live in a town called Dublin, after all.  So every year they do a parade and festival to celebrate St. Patrick's Day (even though it was early so it could be held on Saturday).  Clara and Rose enjoyed meeting Penelope the Goat and Treasure the Shetland Pony while we were waiting for the parade to start.  The girls loved the bands and floats and once the dum-dums started flying from the Dublin fire truck Clara was pretty pumped.  We were pretty decked out with green and gold bead necklaces by the end of the parade.  It was fun going with Paul's cousin's wife, Maren, and her kids. 

Best part of the parade - this guy.  I mean, seriously, he's definitely got some kind of Irish pride.

And speaking of St. Patrick's Day, whenever this time of year rolls around I think about our first St. Patrick's Day as a married couple - not because we are so into the holiday as because I thought it would be fun to make corned beef and cabbage, which resulted in the most disgusting, awful dinner I have ever cooked in my life.  We laughed about how hilarious it was, threw it all in the trash, and went out for chicken tikka masala at our favorite indian place for dinner instead.  And since we finally have a functioning kitchen again (as of this past week) I was able to brush off my pots and pans and put them to good use making the most amazing chicken tikka masala EVER as a throwback to that first St. Patrick's Day.  Seriously, it has taken trial and error and a few different recipe combinations but I think I have perfected this dish.  And it really isn't even all that hard, although the amount of ingredients seems a little intimidating.  But I kid you not, I think this is even better than Bombay House, which is our favorite Indian place.  The recipe is on Tastebook (I posted it on the blog a couple years ago the first time I tried making it but have made improvements since then.  I need to go back and edit that post...)

And we tried something new and made Chicken Tikka Masala Pizza on the grill this time, too.  It was mind-blowing.  Masala sauce in place of pizza sauce, topped with chicken tikka, red onions, cilantro and mozzarella.  Amazing. 

Then on Saturday evening we hosted a Pi party for Pi day (March 14, 2015 - 3.1415).  We invited a bunch of friends and it ended up being such a fun time with so many amazing pies.  After tasting all the pies we voted on best crust, best filling, and the pie "most likely to bring about world peace" and then gave out prizes (a mini pie press, a pastry scraper, and a pie crust protector).  I have to say that the blueberry cream with nutty streusel topping pie knocked my socks off but there was a delicious lemon sour cream pie and so many others to choose from.  I made a razzleberry pie and am getting closer to perfecting my recipe.  This was my best attempt yet since in the past my filling has either been too thick or total soup.  Somehow I haven't been able to find just the right balance until this weekend.  Now to tweak flavors a bit.

Rose woke up early on Sunday and by the end of sacrament meeting she was nodding off.  I should have realized right then that something was up with her because Rose never, ever just sits quietly while leaning against somebody and goes to sleep - usually she gets super fussy and angry and refuses to sleep until she is put in her crib.  I transferred Rose to Paul while I taught Sunday School and although she woke up during the transfer she promptly fell back asleep on the couch in the foyer which is where I found them after my class.  When I took Rose from Paul I realized that her little body felt warm but her head didn't feel too hot so we stayed for the third hour as well and Rose just sat on my lap snacking a little but mostly looking zoned out.  When we got home she had a fever of 100.3, so yeah, she wasn't feeling so great, poor thing.  We are just hoping it isn't he brutal 4-day fever that Clara had a couple weeks ago that has been going around to almost every family we know with young children. 

And speaking of sleeping, I was in the kitchen working on dinner the other day while Clara was playing dress-ups in her room.  She would put on an outfit then come out front to show me so I could admire it, change, and do it again.  But it had been quiet for a little bit and I realized it had been 5 or 10 minutes since her last costume change so I went back to check on her and found Clara fast asleep in her bed wearing fairy wings.  We have stopped putting Clara down for naps because she has reached the point where if she takes a nap during the day she ends up staying up way too late and pitching a major fit when going down to bed (and basically NOT going to bed until 10:00 p.m. which results in a grumpy Clara the next morning and the cycle worsens).

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