Sunday, August 16, 2015

Weekend Fun

We discovered a new beach close to home this past week.  It is actually on the bay rather than the ocean so it is really shallow and doesn't get waves, which makes it perfect for the girls.  We went with a large group of moms and kids from a couple different local wards and had a great time.  Such a good time that we ended up going back on Saturday with Paul so that he could enjoy some beach time too. 

When we went back with Paul we went in the evening after dinner in downtown Oakland.  It was fun watching the sun go down over the water and such a different experience from the morning we spent at the same beach a few days before. 

Rose's face here just slays me.  Her personality is so big these days and I just love it.

We also hit up Tilden Park to take a ride on the steam trains and the antique merry-go-round.  The train is one of my new favorite things about the bay area.  It goes through redwood trees and a tunnel and blows steam and is just such a fun experience.  It is going to be our new go-to activity to do when we have visitors so be warned if you come to see us.  I think it is pretty obvious from these pictures how much the girls adore their daddy.  He works so much during the week that it is always so special to make the most of our weekends together.

The merry-go-round at Tilden Park is an antique one and is one of the oldest ones in the country.  The girls LOVED it and went around and around and around.  Paul and I had to trade off because our stomachs couldn't handle more than a ride or two without feeling queasy. 

We got to downtown Oakland a little bit before the restaurant opened where we wanted to eat dinner, so we walked around for a little while and found a little plaza with steps where the girls had fun just running around playing.  Eventually they ended up resting on the steps in front of some big office building.

And the last bit of weekend fun was at the free concert in the park on Friday night again.  We picked up a pizza which we ate on our blankets while we listened to the music and Paul bought the girls a shave ice.  We just love this summer tradition.


  1. The beach at sunset would be so fun!

    I love the carousel! I'll look forward to going next time we make it out for a visit.

    Concerts in the parkare so fun. I don't know of anywhere near us that do them regularly.

    And your hair cuts are so chic. Love them.

  2. Beautiful pictures at the beach! And going to Tilden Park has been on my to-do list (because of Blake's train obsession). Let me know if you ever want to go together!


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