Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter 2016

I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking in this post.  We had a wonderful Easter this year.  The girls were thrilled with their Easter baskets filled with books, a new swimsuit for each of them, gardening gloves, bubbles, and a couple of movies (Snow White and The Wizard of Oz).  Of course, they each got a chocolate bunny as well, which Rose was pretty jazzed about.  Clara and Rose loved following Paul around the house, tracing the path the Easter bunny took through our rooms by following the line of yarn that zigzagged all over the place until finally leading to each of the hidden Easter baskets.  The biggest surprise of all though was in the garage where there were four baby chicks sitting in a brooder under a heat lamp.  I need to get some pictures of them for the blog but we have been spending much of our day out there with them and Clara is beyond proud of having figured out how to catch them each and hold them in her hands.  

The girls looked so darling in their Easter finery.  I cannot get over Rose's little 3/4-length sleeve jacket that goes with her dress.  We had been talking about the reason why we celebrate Easter with Clara during the week and she said the sweetest prayers on Easter thanking Heavenly Father that Jesus was resurrected so we can all get our bodies back some day.

After Rose's nap, we went over to Paul's Aunt Claudia and Uncle Rich's house for Easter dinner.  They had filled eggs as well and hidden them around their backyard so we did a little Easter egg hunt before going back in for dessert.  I just love watching the girls hunt for eggs.  It slays me how they react, especially Rose.

A few days before Easter, Clara's preschool had an Easter party and egg hunt that I got to go to as Room Mom.  The kids had prepped for it all week - dying eggs one day, making their bags another - and were all so excited to find 4 real hard boiled eggs each.  

And immediately after Clara's preschool party, we went to another egg hunt with friends from the stake.  One of the buildings in our stake has a big grassy lot behind it and up behind that is a small field.  After finding eggs, the kids could either do crafts that had been provided or explore the field and all-in-all we had a fine afternoon with friends.

We did one other Easter egg hunt on Saturday with friends at their annual Peeps Diorama competition where our "We the Peeps" diorama replicating the painting of the signing of the Declaration of Independence tied for 3rd place.  I don't have any pictures of the hunt there, but here is a phone pic of our diorama and the inspiration piece by Jonathan Trumbull.  It was such a fun idea that is in its 10th year running (the Washington Post started it and you can see the official WP entries here).

And now I can't believe Easter is over already!  There are no more big holidays until the 4th of July, now, right?  Except birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, our anniversary, Talk Like a Pirate Day, Memorial Day...,,,

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