Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Clara's Preschool Graduation

It's hard to believe but Clara is done with her preschool years and is moving on to Kindergarten at the end of the summer.  We are amazed at how much she has changed and grown since last August when she started preschool.  My heart is ready to explode just looking at this side-by-side comparison of her first day of school pic with her last day of school pic.  

And her little graduation portrait just slays me with her proud, happy smile and her fingers squeezing around her "Bachelor of Rhymes" degree that the preschool awarded her.  

The classroom was decorated in a cute hot air balloons for graduation, which was centered around the theme "Up, Up and Away!".  We have really just thoroughly loved our experience with the John Knox Co-op.  The teachers are wonderful and it was fun to be able to work in the classroom with Clara and the other kids and really get to know everybody.  Such a great community spirit.

The school is attached to the Presbyterian church that operates it and the actual graduation ceremony was held in the chapel.  The kids were soooooo cute lining up and putting on a little performance for the parents.  They practiced long and hard to learn all of their songs and hand gestures and they did a great job.  Clara kept giving little waves and smiles and stage whispering "hi Rose!".

Clara got to stand next to her buddy Kent.  His mom, Jocelyn, is a friend and we do park dates and gym classes together.

After doing their program, the kids went back into the hallway to change into their graduation caps and robes.  I snuck out to "help" since I was the room mom but really I mostly just took photos (and forgot to adjust my ISO settings so my WB and grain issues are terrible in these pics.  oh well).

I can't get over Clara's look of pride as she walked up to accept her diploma from Mrs. James, the head teacher at the preschool.

I thought it would be fun to turn around and take a picture of the audience too.  It was fun getting to know so many of these other parents this year as we worked together in the classroom or chatted in the schoolyard.

Proud papa with his graduate.  Paul worked from home this day and had a ton of stuff come up last minute so the girls and I went over early without him and he made it just in time for the program and ceremony.  Clara was concerned that he would miss it and you could see how thrilled she was to notice him in the audience.

The ceremony was during Rose's naptime so she was starting to melt down and was adamant that she be in the pictures, mostly because she just wanted to sit on my lap.

And this will probably be boring for anybody else (except maybe the grandma's and possibly aunts and cousins) but I recorded most of the songs the kids performed and made this little (well, 7 minute) video of it.

Clara's Preschool Graduation from Amy Nash on Vimeo.

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