Sunday, January 22, 2017

Rose's Snow White 3rd Birthday Party

Our little miss Rose had her third birthday this past week and what a celebration it was.  It was the first time we have ever thrown a birthday party for her (hashtag second child probs) but really this is the first year that she has even understood what a birthday is all about.  And oh man, now that she has it figured out this girl is birthday obsessed.  

Rose loves all the Disney princesses, but Snow White is definitely her favorite (followed closely by either Cinderella or Belle, I'm guessing).  So when we were trying to figure out what sort of party to throw for her, Snow White just made sense.  On her actual birthday, she woke up to traditional birthday balloons floating on her ceiling.  I heard both girls up around 6:15 but they stayed in their room chatting and playing with the balloons for half an hour until their alarm clock lit up and they knew it was okay for them to come out.  Normally it's more of a struggle than that so maybe we should do balloons more often, lol.   

Clara is our "maker" and is constantly crafting/drawing/writing/inventing things.  She grabbed a spare wooden scrap block from a project Paul has been working on in the garage and created a happy birthday sign for Rose, who loved it.  This picture gives me all the feels.

We had quite a few little dwarfs come to Rose's party to play with Snow White.  My mom sent this costume to Rose for her birthday and it was just too perfect.  Rose was thrilled.  Clara was incredibly jealous, but fortunately I showed her the costume a few days earlier before wrapping it for Rose and we had a good, long conversation about how somebody's birthday is THEIR special day, not Clara's special day.

Clara went through a bunch of ideas of how she could also get a Snow White costume and we could have two Snow Whites.  When that didn't work, she suggested being the Evil Queen.  I shot that down telling her that there would be little kids at the party and while she was big enough not to be afraid of the Evil Queen, they weren't and anyway, it was Rose's special day, not Clara's, and while she would get to play all the games and celebrate WITH Rose, it was not Clara's day and that her day would come on her birthday in May.  After a day or so to mull that over, Clara did awesome on the actual day of the party and really showered Rose with love and support in a way we don't always see so I could tell she really took the message to heart.

I came up with this idea to making "magic mirrors" when I saw super cheap paddleboards at Joann's that were 4 for $1.  I just cut off the elastic string and ball and Paul painted the paddles with some leftover spray paint, then I glued circular mirrors on each one (I think the mirrors were 5 for $1, so I had 2 leftover that I just glued onto small plates for circular mirrors).  Then we (really, my friend Christina who I knew would jump right in and help me) just put dots of glue all around the front of each paddle and the kids decorated them with a bunch of jewels that came in a huge bag.  The bag of jewels wasn't super cheap ($10 with a 50% off coupon at Joann's) but we only used about 1/4 of it and I'm sure we will use these in future craft projects for the girls (crowns, jewelry, picture frames, etc.).    I spread the jewels around the table as much for decoration as ease of access for little hands, and it worked well with the Seven Dwarves mining for jewels vibe that was part of some of our later activities.  After the magic mirrors dried, they went into each child's goodie bag to take home.

One of the Snow White party ideas I saw online was to get a bucket and a bunch of pennies to do a "Wishing Well".  The kids were so cute making wishes and trying to land their coins in the bucket.  They ended up playing this again at the end of the party when waiting for parents because it was so easy and fun for them!

After the wishing well game, we went back to the table to make Seven Dwarf beards.  We had foam beards cut out and the kids glue cotton balls on them.  It worked okay, except that we should have done this earlier so the glue could dry because we pretty much immediately put the beards on and kids started losing cotton balls.  So my execution wasn't great, but I still think the idea was cute.

Once the kids all had their beards (and not everybody elected to wear them), we went out front where we have a rock garden (which I hated when we first moved in but it has since grown on me to the point that I think we are going to keep it although it needs to be weeded and we need to rearrange rocks).  I had ordered a bag of 36 1" plastic jewels through Amazon for $8 and Paul had scattered them around the rocks to create a jewel mine.  The kids all saw it walking up to the door for the party, which was fine because it partially set the scene for the party but we also then "mined for jewels" easter egg hunt style, which took all of a few minutes, but the kids had fun with it.  They then got to put their jewels in their goodie bags along with their dwarf beards and magic mirrors to take home after the party.

We served lunch after the jewel mining.  I made a poisoned apple cake for Rose's birthday cake by cooking a doctored up chocolate cake mix in a medium-size glass oven safe pyrex bowl, which was kind of annoying because I only have one and it took almost an hour to cook each half of the sphere.  Then I stuck the two sphere halves together with frosting, frosted the outside and covered it with red sprinkles, and carved out a little spot to frost with white frosting to make it look like a bite had been taken out of it (I don't think that turned out as great as I hoped it would, but it was fine).  A cinnamon stick for a stem and a leaf that Clara collected from outside finished off the cake.

For the real party food, I did all small, finger food type things for "dwarf food".  We had beanie weinies (those tiny hot dog things), baby carrots, apple slices, chips & guacamole, and mini quesadillas made from wonton wrappers (which Christina made because she is the best).  Oh, and wishing well water that was just water with apple slices in it to make it look pretty.

I also made four different flavors/colors of Jell-O jigglers which I cut into small cubes and placed in clear plastic cups to look like jewels (again with the whole mining for jewels concept).  Those were a hit with the kids, which always baffles me because I think Jell-O jigglers are disgusting, but at least they got eaten!  I spread some decorative moss around the counter to make it look "enchanted foresty" and that was that.

This was our tablescape before the kids showed up.  Just plain yellow fabric for a tablecloth with a blue crushed velvet runner and Snow White colors for plates, napkins & utensils.

Snow White really dug into her cake.

We just let the kids play in the toy room for a bit after finishing lunch because so many of them kept sneaking back there in between earlier activities, but eventually we called them all back out to the living room to open presents.  Rose got so many nice things from her friends and just had a great time.  She said the sweetest little "thank you's!" when prompted.

This princess sticker book was a big hit with both Rose & Clara.  They sat side-by-side and looked through the whole thing (and it wasn't a small book!) exclaiming over each page and set of stickers or settings.

A quick picture of the goodie bags all lined up and ready to take home.

We waited to have Rose open the rest of her presents from grandparents, Aunts and us until her actual birthday, which was the day after her party.  I don't have pictures of the unwrapped presents but she got a toy cash register, a tea set, a Snow White doll, more Mag-former tile things, the Elefun game, some dress-up jewelry, and a sleeping bag for camping.

Since we did a big birthday cake the day of her party, for her birthday I just took her to Nothing Bundt Cakes to get her free Chocolate Chocolate Chip bundtlet (her favorite) and we sang to her and did candles after dinner that night.  

She is still talking about her birthday and already telling me that she thinks she wants a "Belle birthday" next (year, I'm guessing although I'm pretty sure she is convinced she ought to have another party next week).  

Happy 3rd Birthday, Rose!


  1. This is fantastic Amy! Every detail is so perfect. I love Snow White and I feel like she's an overlooked princess! There are so many good themes to jump off of for a party! I loved the magic mirror craft and the dwarf sized food! And the Poisoned Apple Cake!! So so good! Happy Birthday sweet Rose! I can't believe she's three already!

  2. Graham just saw this post and said, "Awww... Rose's birfday! She's so old now!" I bet you're feeling similar feelings (although with more correct pronunciation). The party looks amazing! LOVE the poison apple cake and the jeweled mirrors, especially.


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