Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things I would rather do ...

than work on my substantial writing option paper:

1. Sweep and mop the kitchen floor.
2. Watch basketball.
3. Catch up on ironing.
4. Wash dishes by hand.
5. Outline all of my classes.
6. Start an early bar-study program.
7. Whiten my teeth.
8. Balance my checkbook.
9. Listen to 1Ls make the same oral arguments I have heard hundreds of times in the last three years.
10. Go to bed before 9:00 pm. Without dessert.

Its only a 30 page paper, but I really, really, REALLY don't want to write it. When I was little (and lets face it - this happens even now that I am 28), my mother often told me that if I would stop whining about chores and just do them already, that they would already have been finished. I am telling myself that now, but like when I was little, its just making me frustrated. Sometimes I am not very good at admitting that other people are right.


  1. Oops - I just remembered that you asked me to sweep and mop the kitchen floor. In the spirit of supporting procrastination, I will let you do it to avoid your paper. :)

  2. Ummmm, you forgot

    11. blog. Like I'm doing too.

    This is getting ridiculous. The longer you go without working on it, the more permission you give me to not work on it. Basically, you're enabling me.

  3. I remember that feeling. What is your paper on? Mine was part of a symposium on legal history taught by a history professor, and I wrote on the constitutionality of loyalty oaths. Good times, and I'm glad they're over.

  4. My paper topic is actually about treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender individuals in custody disputes - how much do you take into account whether there is or may be harm to the child. I'm not really sure what I am doing, but it is interesting at least.


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