Thursday, August 27, 2009

This one's for you Jessica

Coconut gelato = Heaven

I have also tried two new flavors that are amazing - pistachio (great recommendation Dee) and amerena. I would name my first daughter Amerena, its that good.

Paul always gets the same two flavors - Nutella and Strachiatella (which is like chocolate chip). I keep trying to get him to branch out, but the furthest he went was Nutella and mint chip.

Any other recommendations?


  1. I tried rice pudding gelato, it was actually really good. Melone was my sister's favorite, and it's really good, too. I also tried a liquor one on accident, but it was horrible. I don't recommend that. Any of the berry ones are delicious... darn, now I'm craving gelato! Thanks for keeping your blog updated, it's fun to imagine what you guys are up to. Can't wait to see the pictures that go along with the stories!

  2. Pretty much anything you like that has a gelato flavor is a good idea. I was surprised at how amazing the pistachio was, though. I can't fault Paul for sticking to the classics. One other one I remember specifically liking was frutti di bosco, which means forest fruits, but I think is actually a general berry flavor. If you liked amarena, you're bound to like frutti di bosco.
    And I'm craving gelato too now.

  3. So jealous!! I like the hazelnut ones and anything fruity. I also remember eating blood oranges in Italy. Yum!

  4. Nocciola! Hazelnut. Have I mentioned in the last few days that I'm jealous?!

  5. I just remembered something else you need to try, especially if you're still in Liguria: focaccia. I hope you're eating lots of Italian bread, but don't forget to have at least a square or two of focaccia from a panetteria (bakery). The best focaccia is in Genova, fyi. I hope you haven't missed out already.


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