Sunday, September 13, 2009

Am I seriously complaining? Maybe a tiny bit.

Yesterday we were in Istanbul and it was cool and rainy and very autumny. The air smelled of roasting chestnuts and rain and sycamores. Today we are in Cairo and it smells of exhaust fumes and baking pavement and camel dung.

We have been hassled incessantly by street touts. And we went all day without eating anything other than a bottle of water and a couple of cookies because it is Ramadan (something like forty days of fasting where food and drink is only consumed after the sun goes down and before it comes back up) and we couldn't find a place selling food during daylight hours until we made it to the Pizza Hut by the pyramids around 5:00 where I proceeded to drink an entire liter of Fanta and eat half a pizza.

Not that I am really complaining. But at least after one day, I've gotta say that Cairo is not my favorite place. Tomorrow we are going to get out of the city a little bit and walk around Giza and Saqqara and Memphis, but then we are heading down to Luxor the day after where I hope it won't be as crazy as it is here. Although the forecast is for temperatures around 104.

I'm thinking its maybe time to come home soon?


  1. Yes, yes it is. So hurry back hermana!

  2. I totally feel for you! And yes, it is totally ok to complain. I believe anytime you have to go without food, you should never be judged for behavior :) The key to a good vacation is to leave before you start hating things. Sounds like you're almost ready to come home and enjoy a rousing reunion at Dave and Busters! woo woo


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