Monday, September 21, 2009

Bad Dates

Remember in "Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark" when Indy grabs a handful of dates and tosses one up to catch it in his mouth, but his friend snatches it out of the air last second and points to the dead monkey with the ominous line "bad dates" to indicate that the dates had been poisoned? Well, as I was lying on the bathroom floor of a hostel in Cairo feeling like I was about to die from food poisoning, that was the line that came into my mind and I started cracking myself up despite being utterly miserable. I think I got it from a caravan-style Egyptian lunch Paul and I had the day we went around seeing the pyramids from some bad yogurt or creamed aubergine or something rather than the dates we had at the end of the meal, but I'm not positive. Fortunately Paul didn't come down with it, so he went out and found me some medicine and coke to settle my stomach, but I was pretty much out of commission for three days in Egypt.

Needless to say, Egypt was not such fun times.

But, in brighter news, we are HOME now! I know, finally, right?! We got home yesterday afternoon and I showered TWICE (which was much needed after over 48 hours of non-stop travel - self-inflicted based on lack of desire to spend an extra day in Cairo site-seeing rather than sitting in an airport terminal playing poker (Paul just taught me how) from about 8:00 am when our sleeper train got in until about 12:30 the next morning when our flight actually left). And OMG it felt SO GOOD to sleep in our own bed. Well, at least our bed at my parents' house, which is where we are staying between trips. And to eat anything but McDonalds, which is pretty much the only thing I felt safe eating in Egypt after the incident with the dates. And to hang out with my fam-damily and disburse souvenir gifts we brought for everybody.

So, I promise that pictures are on their way. In fact, we may even throw some up here later today (its 4:30 in the morning and Paul and I are both awake, still dealing with the lingering effects of jet-lag). Paul has had memory cards uploading ever since we got home yesterday afternoon and he still has a couple to go. We have something like 3,500 photos to upload. Then we will narrow down favorites and finally have something to show that we were actually all the places we have claimed to have been.

But just to give you a preview, here's one from Santorini:


  1. Welcome home! That is too bad you were sick for three days - that just doesn't seem fair. Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. I can't wait to see all your pictures!

  3. Welcome back! I am excited to see your pictures - you are both such awesome photographers!

  4. Cute picture! Glad you two are home safe and sound! :)

  5. WOW amy it looks like you had so much fun! What a great trip to be able to spend together before you start careers.


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