Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday Drive

On Sunday Amy and I went on a drive over to the eastern foothillls towards the southern end of the San Jose valley, known as Henry W. Coe State Park. Less than an hour away, we climbed up out of the valley through green rolling hills historically used by ranchers to graze their cattle.

The weather was absolutely perfect, and we enjoyed driving the curvy roads with our sunroof open and the windows down. The hills are dotted with old oak trees like this one, which Amy thinks look just like lightning:

We plan on going back to the park in the future to do some hiking and camping. Here are some more photos we took on our drive.

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  1. Wow! look at that sky! Love it. Scott always laughs at me because I like pictures with fences in them. I find them very interesting. Great job.


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