Thursday, February 25, 2010


Well, I survived it, the root canal.  I cried the entire time, tears leaking out of my pinched eyelids, which I kept tightly closed throughout the whole procedure.  And the relief was so strong at the end that I sobbed for a full two minutes, still horizontal and shaking in the dental chair.  The assistant had to tell the endodontist that I really was okay, just letting out the pressure that I had been holding inside, which was entirely true.  But honestly it was surprisingly not as bad as I had anticipated once the laughing gas kicked in and the endodontist had given me five extra shots than normal so that I would feel nothing

When I think about how badly I deal with these kind of situations I realize that this is why I was never meant to go through pregnancy and labor.


  1. Oh, Amy! I'm so glad it is over! You are strong enough in sooo many other ways - stronger than I personally could ever be.

  2. When I think about my sister doing this, it is just normal. When I think about an attorney doing this it is hilarious. Just sayin'

  3. oh - you poor thing! I'm glad it wasn't as bad as you were thinking. You need to celebrate!

  4. Seriously Amy - I've never had a root canal, but my last cavity filling was way worse than either of my labors. I can only imagine how horrible a root canal would be.


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