Friday, June 11, 2010

Flight Etiquette

Last night at 6:30 Paul and I boarded a flight from San Jose to Salt Lake City, changing planes in Las Vegas.  I have just a few observations:

  • What is it with people and Vegas?  The short flight from San Jose to Sin City was like being on the Party Plane.  When we landed several rowdy men/boys started clapping and cheering "Vegas!  Alright!", then bantering with anyone who would pay them any attention (like the Captain admonishing the cabin passengers to behave themselves if this was their final destination) or just spouting off in general about what a great time they were going to have. I got a tragic, pitying feeling sitting in the Las Vegas airport waiting to board our second flight from watching too-old-to-pull-it-off-but-its-Vegas-so-no-one-will-know women strut their stuff off arriving airplanes on inappropriately tall heels paired with their ill-fitting attire.  Who wears those kinds of clothes for plane flights?  I mean, really?  And I feel awful for the old people sitting at the slot machines that line the walls of the terminals in the airport tossing away resources a quarter at a time.
  • It is never appropriate to eat cornnuts on an airplane.  In fact, nobody but fourth-graders eat cornnuts anymore people.  I kid you not, that salty snackfood has the most overpowering, lingering odor that wafted through the entire cabin within seconds of tearing open the metallic packaging.  I noticed the foul stink almost immediately and sat there gagging the rest of the flight.  So much is already banned on flights, why not add cornnuts to the list?  Is that so much to ask?
  • Seat kickers should be sent to timeout and fined.  One of the rowdy "Vegas BABY!" guys sat behind Paul on our first flight and made his life miserable until Paul turned around in his seat and asked the guy to knock it off.  (As a sidenote, I think it is super-attractive when Paul gets all confrontational with other people.  This might be a huge character flaw on my part.)  There is no leg room for anyone on those planes, so people who fail to recognize that they are knocking their knees into the seat in front of them with their incessant readjusting should have their legs shackled to the floor. 
  • If your flight is already an hour delayed in its departure, there is no excuse for holding up a plane full of people anxious to finish their last leg to Salt Lake City because you are late.  You should have been at the gate an hour ago anyway!  We sat at the gate, fully loaded, waiting for one woman to show up.  While I have to credit the airline for being so considerate and accomodating to the individual, I was pretty peeved at the time on behalf of all the other passengers on the plane.  When the tardy woman finally showed up, she didn't even have the decency to look ashamed or regretful for causing everyone else to wait.
Well, there's a rant for you, eh?  Oh, and we are only here in Utah for the weekend because Paul's brother John is getting married on Saturday.  I am loathe to type this on this blog, but for the sake of authenticity - "Cafe Rio here we come!"


  1. I think I just shed a little tear. For two reasons:
    A) I understand the horrific experience that is flying to Vegas. I am sorry for you
    and. . .
    2) Do I even need to say it! And Yes I left a comment on their FB page again today about how they are not in the Bay area, and do they ever think about coming. I figure one day it will get so annoying (between me and Paul) they will just HAVE to put a restaurant in somewhere around here.

    Have fun at the wedding-see you next week!

  2. Did you consider that maybe it's just Friday night flights to Vegas, or, even better, just flights from San Jose to Las Vegas? I have been from and to Las Vegas more than a handful of times, and have never had any trouble with rowdy passengers. While I do not defend the policy choices that made Las Vegas what it is, I'm happy to live here. I do try to stay away from tourists as much as possible though.

  3. Also, I hate it when people from Las Vegas call it "Vegas," agreed about kickers, and i still enjoy cornnuts, but I try to limit my enjoyment to times when I don't have to be around people I care about, like camping or depositions. Just kidding. But seriously, never on planes or otherwise in tight quarters with strangers.

  4. too funny. People in Vegas are crazy. They are either way too dressed up or undressed. I felt like such a hobo there in my flip flops and cargo shorts. Hope you're having a great weekend!

  5. Ew, Corn nuts! GROSS.

    I want Rio so bad right now I could cry.


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