Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Season

Last season Paul and I watched The Bachelor for the first time.  We kind of did it on a lark when Paul watched one episode on his own while I was working late one night, and then decided that it was hilarious and talked me into watching it with him.  (Don't let him tell you any different, this is totally how the whole thing went down).  After it ended though we decided "no more" and that we would not watch this summer's The Bachelorette

But the other night there was nothing else on TV and the season premiere was playing for a second time, so we ended up watching.  And is it just me, or does this show remind you of shows you have seen on Discovery Channel or Animal Planet?  Something about all those males contending to be the one to win the girl.  I didn't get the same feeling with The Bachelor.  I would post video from YouTube of big-horned sheep butting heads while the female watches (or in many cases doesn't even care about watching) on the sides, but I'm too lazy to look it up.  Use your imagination.

Also, is anyone else out there as excited as I am to watch the first episode of Wipeout tonight?  I've already been cracking up about it and so far I've only seen the previews highlighted on commercials. 

Help me - I am a TV addict.


  1. (1) So excited about Wipeout.

    (2) I'm contemplating going to a 'The Bachelor' casting call. Would you watch if I was on it?

    (3) It IS like a discovery channel/animal planet show. I also get visions of how my dog pees on everything to mark his territoy, and Frank was a bit like Wilhelm in his need to kiss Ali (Wilhelm likes to hump girls) to show that he's got the leg up, so to speak.

    (4) You are not the only one with a TV problem. Trust me.

  2. Why do you need help? I personally think it's a great think to love TV :) Plus it gives you so much conversational knowledge and is great easy fodder for office chit chat. It gives an easy topic to talk to anyone about. Also, I figure if I'm going to pay for cable, I really should get my money's worth- he he.

  3. i LOVE analyzing the gender differences between the bachelor and the bachelorette seasons. It is ridiculous and fascinating to see how a group of girls are so different compared to a group of guys.

    Crappy TV rocks.


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