Sunday, July 25, 2010


I went to work this weekend taking advice to heart.  I mopped, ironed, and disinfected while Paul vacuumed, dusted, and folded laundry.  We watched "Oklahoma" and "South Pacific".  I spent a good amount of time on the trail and in the gym working out and putting myself through a self-guided yoga routine to favorite songs on my ipod.  I slept in until about 7:40 on Saturday morning (which is super late for me).  I got all the work done that really needed to be done by late Saturday afternoon so that I could relax all day on Sunday.  I didn't hug any cats Nikki, but friends came over for dinner today with their son and I got a hug from the cutest toddler--it basically made my day.  I also have fun plans to look forward to for future weeks.

But you know what really helps unslumping?  Watching Paul go toe-to-toe with a friend in a speed-walking exhibition.  He can shake it like you wouldn't believe.


  1. Oh man, reading that last part made me smile. That was seriously the funniest thing EVER!! I think we should have them do it in a few weeks when I want to go into labor, that hard laughing should help. Also, one of the first things Ollie said this morning was "Amy". You must have made an impression on him :)


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