Sunday, August 29, 2010


Today all of the primary teachers (except Paul who is the only male primary teacher) were excused from teaching responsibilities to attend a special Relief Society visiting teaching training.  The primary president announced to all of the children that most of the classes were going to be substitute taught by the Young Men and the Young Women (ages 12 to 18).  As I gathered my things to leave, Garrett, a seven-year old in my class, turned to me in confusion and said perplexedly, "But, Sister Nash, you ARE a young women!" 

I am really going to miss this calling.


  1. I have to tell you, Charlie and I were asked to substitute a primary class on Sunday and the class we got made your class seem like perfect angels! Especially since you have a kid who dishes out compliments like that.

    We had one kid tell us that her mom has a baby inside of her (not sure they really wanted to spread the news about that yet) and another one tell us that his mom had another baby a long time ago before he was born, but she gave it to someone else. Mmm hmmm. I'm sure his mother would be so glad to know he shared that with us!


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