Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sharing time and I need a thesaurus

Words can be problematic.  I have an idea I've been wanting to post here, but because of a vocabularic deficiency I haven't done so yet, but will now despite the lingering uneasiness with word choice.  Here's the problem:  my initial thought was to write about all the things that Paul and I have exposed each other to during our marriage.  Only, as I started typing up that post, I began feeling awfully uncomfortable about using the word "expose".  The word "expose" conjures up images of creepy guys in shadowy parking lots whipping it out of their pants or the uncovering of some massive corporate scandal that has been hidden by executives for years.  There's just too much going on with the word "expose" and it didn't convey what I really wanted to convey. 

Then I went with "subject".  As in, "here are some of the things that Paul and I have subjected each other too over the last 6 1/2 years of marriage."  (And btw, I tend to treat the age of our marriage like a kid treats the age of her life - I usually include the 1/2 designation).  But "subject" makes it seem like I would get Paul in a head lock and force him to experience something off the list below rather than having the experience be a conscientous decision on his part (or vice versa).  The only time I ever really subjected Paul to one of these things was with tofu, and he wasn't very happy about it.

So anyway, now that the explanation is more substantial than the idea I came up with in the first place, here are two lists of things that Paul and I have introduced-and/or-shared-in-a-forceful-"try-it-you-will-like-it"-pretty-please-you-have-to-or-else kind of a way.  Obviously, most of these things weren't totally foreign to either of us, and we may have even tried them before and made up our minds that we didn't like a particular thing, but through the encouragement/enticing/bullying of the other gave it another go.  If any of you genuises out there have a perfect word to describe this, please put me out of my misery and share. 

Things Paul enjoys that he has shared with me hoping I will enjoy them too (some more successfully than others):
  • backpacking
  • fly-fishing
  • chinese food
  • chopsticks
  • Seinfeld
  • donuts for breakfast
  • off-roading
  • cutting down our own Christmas tree
  • banana con leche
  • papaya
  • alien movies
  • Harry Potter movies
  • Twilight movies
  • steak
  • shrimp
  • scallops
  • sushi
  • shorter hair
  • not wearing pajamas
  • symphony
  • weekends off
  • Star Wars/Lord of the Rings
  • Yosemite
  • night hikes
  • creme brulee
  • carrots
Things I enjoy that I have shared with Paul hoping he will enjoy them too (some more successfully than others):
  • ballet
  • the 6-hour A&E version of Pride & Prejudice
  • wurst
  • cakes made from scratch
  • Harry Potter books
  • Twilight books
  • tofu
  • cauliflower
  • bok choy
  • car-camping
  • ziplining
  • running
  • reality tv
  • lemon desserts
  • lasagna
  • guacamole
  • indian food
  • longer hair
  • wearing pajamas
  • opera
  • Singin' in the Rain/Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
  • friday night studying in the library
  • Yellowstone
  • gingerbread houses
  • Broadway
  • loofahs
  • apple pie


  1. Well we know you were successful in converting him to reality tv and loofahs!!

  2. Love the list. The comment that it made come to my mind is how fun it is to be married and grow together or in the same direction. Not that you become each other, but through appreciating the other person and their stuff, you get to both grow.

    The second thing, and thing I still can't get over is, Paul liked the Twilight movies? AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAA. that's awesome.

  3. How about acquainted? Or tried to enlighten each other on? Or introduced? Maybe endorsed to? Attest?

    You had to have known I'd be the one to try to figure this out. ;)

    Cute lists!!


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