Friday, December 3, 2010

Pins & Needles. Also, Zombie Giveaways.

About a month ago I got a notice in the mail that I was being summoned for jury duty. I was both excited and dismayed at the same time. Truth be told, I thought it would be AWESOME to serve on a jury until I was actually involved in a trial this year and realized that it would actually be really boring unless you got, and I say this tongue-in-cheek, lucky enough to be selected for a case involving a "juicy" crime, which I will not list because these would probably horrify most people. But I will say that Criminal Law was one of my favorite classes in law school because I have an absolutely morbid fascination with terrible, terrible things and holding people accountable for those terrible things. Most of America probably feels the same way, otherwise Law & Order SVU and Criminal Minds wouldn't be such popular television shows.

Anyway, turns out you don't just show up for jury duty in Santa Clara County. Instead you get on a website at a pre-assigned time to check to see if your assigned number is being called to come into court the next day. Since I was on call for the entire week, I had to log on at 5:00 p.m. everyday wondering whether I would be able to make a scheduled conference call or meeting with a partner the next day. I didn't like it. I like to be able to plan things - to calendar my life. Finally today at noon the court website was updated to let us know that our availability was appreciated and we had a one-year pass before we would be thrown back in the pool of potential juror candidates.  Yippee-skippy.

On a totally unrelated topic, I have something to rant about: I'm all about giveaways on blogs - mostly because free stuff is awesome - BUT I am super annoyed with the way the give-away'ers permit "additional entries" as follows:

Comment on this post
Follow this blog
Subscribe to this blog
Like this blog on FB
Post about this blog in your FB status
Tattoo this blog logo on your arm
Follow me on Twitter
Tweet about this blog
Post a link to this blog on your blog
Give me your firstborn child
...and so on.

Is it just me or does this behavior creep anybody else out? Especially where these are what I am going to refer very casually to as "Mormon blogs," I get the feeling that this is like a guiltless lottery. Usually I just leave a comment but don't do the other stuff. And I wonder why I don't win.

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  1. Oh my goodness, it annoys me so much when you have to do all that crap to get additional entries. And here's my experience with jury duty: I always really wanted to do it, and my big shot to be a juror in Richmond County, Georgia, came my first day of law school orientation in Provo, Utah.


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