Thursday, December 30, 2010


What do you think - should I try to do the 365 challenge again?  I didn't do so great last year and only made it to around July before I totally gave up.  But it was a lot of fun.  But also really self-centered. 

Also, have I mentioned that zombie movies really freak me out?  Because they do.  But I still watch them anyway.

And finally, I love it when airports have free wireless internet.

This post brought to you courtesy of San Jose International Airport and a 1 hour flight delay on Southwest.


  1. One of my goals last year was to read every one of your 365 posts. I didn't quite do it, but I liked all the ones I did read.

    Do it.

  2. I really liked your 365 blog, but I totally get how it would be hard to keep up! Especially with the House of Nash Blog the Hoping to Adopt blog :)

    I hope you had a safe flight - you going somewhere or coming home? :) Happy New Year!


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