Monday, October 10, 2011

Maui Preview

Hawaii photos and blog post about our vacation coming soon...


  1. You are the only person I know whose blog would have TWO comments within 30 minutes of posting. Just sayin'. Plus your family pics are cute, even if seeing you and Paul kiss is gross. :-) Looking forward to more about Maui!

  2. I CANNOT wait!!!!!!

    Is it weird to say that you guys have a totally cute kiss? Some people look like they either don't even like each other or they're eating each other's face off. Yours is perfect! Hope that's not weird haha

  3. I know you might think that the other things you have going on (like eating or unpacking or taking care of your child) are more important then getting Hawaii pics on your blog. But they're not. You need to put up your pics of Hawaii because how else am I going to live vicariously through you?? I mean it's cold and rainy today. Throw a girl a bone, would ya? LOLOL! Can't wait to see things.


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