Friday, April 6, 2012

General Conference and the Golden Gate Bridge

My parents flew into San Jose for General Conference weekend and for part of the following week while my mom was on Spring Break from teaching first grade.  They got in on Friday evening and Clara and I picked them up from the airport.  Saturday and Sunday we watched General Conference and it was kind of rainy and cold.  I dragged my parents along with me to Lowe's between sessions so I could show them our cabinets and order new front and side doors.  Clara played and played and played with her Grandma Cece and Grandpa Russ - she loved all the attention and showed off her clapping skills and started responding to "dance."  She also showed off how close she is to walking by standing almost all the time and ambling between the couches and cupboards and chairs.

Clara just loves eating pears.  We went through an entire big bag of pears from Costco last week and I bought another bag today since she loves them so much.

I love her little pigtails tucked into loose knobs with her tiny bows in place.  She has a bunch of new baby hair growing at the nape of her neck.

On Monday, my mom, dad, Clara and I drove into San Francisco while Paul went to work.  My parents had never walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, so after lunch at the Boudin sourdough bread factory (their clam chowder and oatmeal raisin cookies are so yummy!), we drove across the bridge, parked on the far side, and then went for a long walk.  This is the bridge's 75th anniversary and it really is just such a beautiful structure. 

My dad spotted a huge cargo ship coming in from somplace like China (most likely) while it was far out on the horizon.  Since it was coming in fast, we took a break at the mid-point of the bridge and waited for it to go underneath us.  It was huge and rumbled loud and strong beneath us.

My dad had to go to work meetings for the rest of the week but my mom and I got to go shopping on Tuesday and Wednesday and just hang out at the house and play with Clara.  I got my haircut on Tuesday while my mom was there to stay with Clara and it is now probably 5 or 6 inches shorter than in the pictures above.  It has been awfully quiet around here the last couple of days with just me and Clara at home, but we Skyped with my mom tonight so Clara can make the connection that Grandma who was just here is the same as Grandma on the computer.  Hopefully the next time my family is in town, we will have a brand new kitchen to enjoy with them!


  1. How fun to have your parents visiting! In those pictures of Clara standing and eating pears she looks like a little girl, not a baby! Luke is loving pears lately too.

    I LOVE the GG Bridge! Did you know that Charlie & I got engaged there? Well, just on the far side after riding bikes across. The cargo ship looks really cool. Isaac would have loved that.

    You should post a picture of your new shorter hair. I am hopefully getting mine cut this week too (and NOT by the girl who ruined it last time!).

  2. Those are really fun pictures and I'm so jealous I couldn't be there. I love the picture of Clara standing next to you with the "o" shape to her mouth after a bite of pear. I want to kiss those cheeks!


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