Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Grocery Shopping

I went to Costco and Safeway today to purchase groceries and on my way home started thinking about all of the good things we have to eat for the next couple of weeks.  Since the results of today's grocery shopping is pretty indicative of how we eat and since I like to think that someday maybe my grandkids will read my blog posts (hi kiddies - granny loves you!! haha, cracking myself up right now), I thought it might be interesting for them (probably none of you who currently read) to see what I bought.  So here goes:

10 roma tomatoes
fresh mozzerella
fresh basil
4 pounds of strawberries
2 oranges
2 bunches of green onions
2 gallons skim milk
colby jack cheese sticks
string cheese
6 jars of chunky mushroom spaghetti sauce
penne pasta
brussel sprouts
1 mango
rocky road, mint chip, and strawberry ice cream (on sale for $2.99 and got me a $10 coupon to Safeway for my next shopping trip so I stocked up)
green chili enchilada sauce
canned seasoned tomatoes
1 loaf french bread
NyQuil (Paul has had a cold)
2 sweet vidalia onions
6 bell peppers (2 red, 2 yellow, 2 orange)
2 dozen eggs
1 brick cheddar cheese
1 wedge parmigian reggiano cheese
bag of pine nuts
hot dogs
chocolate chips
baby formula

I forewent mushrooms (out of stock), kiwis (too hard), avocados (too soft), meat (all too pricey this week and we are decently stocked in the freezer anyway) and oreos (because I am being good - or because I felt guilty about the ice cream).  Pair the above with the tortillas, rice, pasta, and meat that we have at home and this should get the three of us through at least a couple of weeks.  Except we may have to buy milk again.


  1. I agree that this will likely be more interesting many years from now, but why did you call it "fresh mozzarella" instead of just "mozzarella?"

  2. Well, Dee, I differentiate between the mozzarella that comes in water in little balls and the drier, pre-shredded stuff that comes in a bag that I usually put on pizza. They are very different things so I refer to the little balls of mozzarella in water as "fresh mozzarella". There is probably a more accurate term out there - do you know what it is having served your mission in Italy?

  3. Do you find cooking with Vidalia onions makes that much difference in taste? In something where the onion is prominently highlighted, I could see being able to notice a difference, but what about for regular cooking?

  4. Your distinction is valid. I just wanted to make sure.
    In Italy, there is no distinction because the only kind that's worth buying is the kind in water. I think I've seen a brand in the US called Fresh Mozzarella, when it is actually the drier version, and not actually fresh, though still very much mozzarella. I was mostly hoping you weren't referring to that.


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