Friday, November 9, 2012


I feel like I need to take a deep breath before posting this...

I don't know why I feel perhaps more than slightly embarassed to admit this, but I have started doing a little photography here and then.  I even started up a little photography blog.  I know, I know - not another blog.  But hang with me for a second whilst I explain...

A couple of months ago I showed up at a Toddler Time (just a little Monday morning get together for mom's with similarly aged children in our ward) and was approached by one of the other mom's asking me if I had ever considered taking family pictures for other people because she liked the photos I tend to post on our blog.  And once she spoke up, a number of the other moms chimed in that they agreed and would be interested in having me do their family photos as long as they could afford whatever I decided to charge if I even decided it was something I wanted to do.

And the thing is, I had thought of doing this for a long time before BUT it has always felt SOOOOO cliché.  Because it basically IS so cliché - the stay-at-home mormon mom gets a nice camera, starts up a little blog and voila, suddenly has her own little photography business.  And ugh, I am awfully uncomfortable with being cliché.  As a side-note, I am sure that there are plenty of other things about my life that I have probably documented on here that are also cliché and I may or may not also be embarassed about those things, but ho-hum, that's life, I guess. 

Anyway, after thinking it over for a bit I decided, you know, why not?  Besides, I thought, it would be a good way of saving money for our next adoption.  And that way I could tell these friends who had raised the concept that they could treat it more as a contribution to our adoption fund and pay what they felt they could afford and was appropriate for the product I could give them rather than me "charging" a set fee and feeling like I was gouging friends while I was gaining specific family photography experience (you know, as opposed to just everyday life photography like I typically engage in). 

I have had a few photo shoots in the past couple of months since that conversation with friends (and I have a few more sessions in the works before December!) and it has been really fun.  I certainly have been learning quite about and developing my skills with our camera and that feels good.  And it is nice to have a little bit more money in our adoption bank to help with travel expenses when they come up. 

And I am not as concerned about being cliché as I was at first.  I know that in Utah and Arizona and probably most places with a significant mormon population the mormon mommy photographer is a dime a dozen, but out here, I just don't know of a single one.  And sure, there are other photographers out here, but they seriously charge an arm and a leg and it is not surprising that people aren't too keen on paying that much for photos.  So there is a void and it looks like I can fill that void as a less expensive option for some families right now.  (As a side note, I would imagine that if any more established photographers are reading this post that I am driving them nuts because it is probably cheap mommy photographers who make their businesses that much harder.  Fortunately, I don't know any "real" photographers in my area so I am not too worried about this.) 

I've been trying hard to be very professional - scouting locations beforehand, studying up on posing and how to photograph young children, building up a website, improving my photo editing techniques, and making sure to deliver a good product as an end result with a labeled CD of 25-30 unique images.  And so far I think my "clients" (it still makes me squirm just a little to think of my friends who I have done photo shoots for in that way) have been pleased, I think. 

Well, anyway, that is what I have been spending quite a bit of my spare time doing these days and one of the reasons why my blog posts have been a little bit sparse (in my opinion) while I have been busy developing photos and setting up a little (and I do mean little at this point) business.

Oh, and if you would like to see some of the images I have taken, you can visit my still-in-progress photography blog at


  1. I think this is a fantastic idea. And I actually did notice when we were in Yosemite that you were very good at pre-screening spots that would make great pictures, telling us how to adjust our poses to look better, etc... Plus everyone is right, your photos are gorgeous. I'm really excited for you!

  2. I think it's awesome. You have a skill, why not use it to make a little extra money?

  3. Agreed with the last post for sure. Forget about being cliche. Aren't you a prosecuting attonrney too? Well, then you have all the room in the world to be cliche from now on! Hahhahahaha. I really liked the pictures.

    After blogging a lot I've really come to enjoy the process of taking pictures. For christmas I am asking for the book "Just say no to Auto." I hear it's really good the the budding photographer like me.

    Good luck and good for you for doing something that you like. There is no shame in making money by doing something that you are good at, well I guess that depends a little on what that vocation means, but really....:) Love,


  4. I think that's fantastic! I wish you lived closer and I'd be signing up for sure.


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