Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Life lately, according to my iPhone...

Paul and Clara on a Sunday in the church parking lot.  I am in love with Clara's winter dress coat and her black patent leather shoes.  I wish I had matching ones.

Paul's law firm had a winter festival and we stopped by Paul's office first where Clara sat at Paul's desk and pretended to draft her first merger agreement.  I see power suits and board meetings in her future.

Clara has been having fun "practicing" the piano lately. 

I had about 6" taken off when I had a haircut over Christmas.  I'm not super attached to my hair so I'm happy with it this way.  I certainly like the feel of shorter hair better than longer hair, even if I think longer hair looks better on me.  Either way, it is nice to have it be so healthy and I love a good change.  Oh, and this is probably 90% my natural color - only the very bottoms of the strands hold any trace of the last time I had it dyed. 

Paul's has been following Clara's example and practicing the (tiny) piano.

Speaking of Paul, he and my dad had their first ever pedicures over Christmas.  The girls all went for mani/pedis the day after Christmas and it was so nice that when we got home my mom pretty much decided that my dad had to try it.  (It was my mom's first pedicure too.)  I knew that Paul would be easy to convince and the rest of us maybe just sort of steamrollered my dad into going along with it.  I escorted them to the salon and explained each step of the procedure for them.  It was so fun to watch and afterwards my dad proclaimed that he will be getting pedicures on a regular basis from now on because he enjoyed it so much.  Which we knew he would.  And yes, Paul is reading a gossip mag in this picture.

Clara got this miniature wagon for Christmas and has been having fun pulling it around the house with little toys in it (like Mr. Potato Head).

This past weekend we drove to Santa Cruz for breakfast on the wharf (well, Paul and Clara had breakfast - I had eaten before we left because I can't handle the drive there on an empty stomach without getting carsick) and afterwards spent some time looking at the sea lions and following a pretty grungy looking pelican around.

*Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments and emails expressing love and support after that last post of mine.  I really appeciated the words of encouragement and friendship.


  1. I've been wondering for a while now... is there a story behind the Travelocity Gnome... or it's just something you saw one day and thought, "hey, he needs to live at my house."? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Love the new hair! And pretty much obsessed with that coat and hat! Classy outfit fits your classy style.

  3. Amy, I love these pictures so much. I love the one of you and Clara, with you and your brightly colcred hat.

    Amy, I have been unplugged for the holidays. I just want to say, I'm sorry about the adoption. I'm nobody to say what's what with this sort of thing. So I'm just sorry. But, I have lived through trials, so I can relate with the feeling "spent and deflated" for sure. My heart goes out to you and Paul and family. We pray for you daily and we got your xmas card with the adoption cards. We will do everything we can for you. Love to you Amy,

    Shauna xoxoxxoxo


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