Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Family Pictures 2012

Each Christmas for the past few years each of our families has let us set up the tripod and take a family picture of everybody.  It is fun to look back at the past years and see how both famlies have grown.  Next years pictures will look very different since we already know there will be a new nephew in Paul's family and a new niece in my family. 

Here is the Nash Family 2012:

We had to take this on the front steps of Paul's parent's house in Alpine immediately after getting home from church before certain people escaped to change clothing.  We only took four shots and this is easily the best of all of them since in others we had kids not looking or adults blinking or not smiling.  From left to right:  Deborah, Colton, Dave, Bobby, Elizabeth, Holly, Donna, Robert, Bob, Grandma Madge, Angelica, John, Vaughn, Paul, Clara and Amy.  Past Nash Family Christmas photos here (2011 - buried halfway through the post), here (2010 - fourth of fifth picture down), and here (2009 - 3rd photo down).

And here is the Casebolt Family 2012:

Poor Emma was running a fever most of Christmas (which has now passed on to Clara and which her dad had come down with the day we took this photo).  So again, we had to be speedy with our photos and not bother with multiple takes.  Out of the few attempts we made, this was the best and that is saying something since Lily wasn't looking at the camera and Clara was pretending to be a dog and sticking her tongue out and panting (a new trick she has learned and which she does every time you say "dog" now).  From left to right:  Jennie, Emma, Lily, Ry, Jessica, Ryan, Cheryl, Russ, Amy, Clara and Paul.  The only person missing is my brother Seth.  Past Casebolt Family Christmas photos here (2011) and here (2009 - 4th picture from the top; I guess we didn't take them in 2010 while Jessica was serving her mission).

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