Sunday, February 10, 2013

More day-to-day Clara

We have spent a few fun afternoons breaking in the fingerpaints around here.  Clara points to the color she wants, I put on a drop or two of color here and there on her paper and then she goes to town.  I admit that I enjoy this activity as much as she seems to.

Artwork is apparently serious business.

Clara got some new puzzles for Christmas, including this great alphabet puzzle.  We tell her things like "find the apple" and give her the "A" piece and she can put it in.  She can do about 2/3 of the pieces.

She scoots up and down the hallway on her bumblebee every day. 

A few of the quilt blocks that I completed.  I'm starting to piece them all together now.

While we were in Utah there was a rousing game of Bingo with my grandparents one night while we ate both strawberry and lemon shortcake for dessert.  (Have you ever heard hot lemon pudding with whipped cream over white cake?  It is SO yummy.)

My mom bought these darling dresses for the three girls (have I mentioned on here yet that a third niece will be joining the family in April/May?  I am so excited for that new little sweetie!) so we dressed up the girls and tried to take some photos together in Jennie's basement.  They weren't super cooperative but they sure looked cute.

Jennie did "story time" for the girls.  Isn't their play area amazing?  I totally love it and wish we had this much space for a play area too.

Clara LOVES Emma.  Like, LOVES her.  "Emma! Emma! Emma!" - that is what I hear all the time, even now that we are home. 

And one last picture of Clara in her crib after waking up from a nap.  As a little potty training update - she has been totally dry through the night for over a week now and has only had a couple of accidents.  I didn't hate changing diapers at all, but I must admit that it is so nice that she can go potty in the toilet and that she knows how to "hold it."  She is getting so big!!


  1. What a good girl to go on the potty and to be dry at night. That is most of the battle if you ask me.

    I love these pictures.

    Are you saying that I could have a quilt like that at the end of the year? Okay, I am planning on coming on Friday and I'm really excited. My vintage sewing machine had better work for Pete's Sake.

    Amy, you're great. Love your blog.

    Shauna xo

  2. I'm completely gushing over her hair in a bun!!! Those dresses are adorable.


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