Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Some goings-on

This morning I took Clara to get her photo taken for her passport application.  In most of the pictures she was scrunching up her eyes and making a cheesy smile so we went with the more serious approach instead since I think it serves better for identification purposes.  I also measured her this morning and found that she is 33" tall. 
We aren't planning a specific trip yet, although we keep bringing the topic up and discussing when and how to make a trip work this year and where we should go, etc.  Our initial thought (which we have tossed around for years now) was to just go on a cruise, but we get really mixed feedback about that type of vacation unless you talk to someone who has done a Disney cruise (which everybody raves about but they seem like they are out of our price range).  But we also wonder whether our approach to travel would make just flying to one location (a carribbean island, for example) and staying for 5-7 days a better choice for us.  But then how do you choose which island out of all the options?!  Maybe a "big" trip won't happen this year given our indecisiveness about it but I figured we might as well prepare by getting Clara's passport in order, just in case we spot a fabulous last minute deal for somewhere amazing like Aruba or something (I saw a few this week and was kicking myself that we couldn't jump on them).   

To satisfy my wanderlust, I made crepes the other day and dreamed of wandering around Paris. 

The weather has been lovely (in the 70's this week even) and so the other weekend we picnicked in the backyard while Paul was home to join us.  You can see the empty planter boxes Paul made for me for Christmas.  Aren't they lovely?  We still have to get the dirt for them and get our garden planted. 

Paul also spent a couple of days installing crown molding through the main living areas of our home.  He did a great job and it looks beautiful, although, like our baseboards and trim, it still needs to be sanded and painted to be finished.  Clara is really into "helping" these days.  Whatever we are doing, she comes and holds on (to the broom, to the molding, to the quilt I am sewing, to the spoon I am stirring with, etc.) and chirps "helping!" in a bright little voice.  I tell you, sometimes I just die she is so cute.


  1. I made crepes for lunch because of that picture.

  2. Amy she is so cute. She has a very sweet spirit about her. Unlike some kids I know... :) Mine. hahaha.

    Can't wait to see the molding. Take care,

    Shauna xoxo

  3. Oh I can just imagine her little voice saying "helping!"

    I hope you can go on a fun, big trip this year!! Until then, we can be wanderlust sisters. deal?


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