Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Turkey Day!!

I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving Day!  We had a wonderful time with my mom and sister who got into town on Wednesday and with our friends, the Fischlis, from around the corner.  I saw a couple of fruit turkeys on Pinterest and showed them to my sister who made her own spin on it.
Christine made the turkey but we wanted to make sure to have LOTS of leftovers so I picked up a small one at the store and Paul pretty much took care of the bird while I spent Thanksgiving morning baking pies and rolls. 

The Fischlis came over around 2:00 and oh baby, did we feast.  Christine has mad turkey roasting skills - it was fantastic. 

I am pretty simple and straightforward about Thanksgiving dinner and don't really like messing around with tradition.  And I always make sure to save room for pie.  Like, LOTS of pie.  My dinner plate:

I made Razzleberry and Apple pie, my mom made a banana cream (Paul's favorite), and Christine made a pumpkin.  I absolutely believe in having a slice of every flavor of pie available. 

We set up a kids' table, which went okay, except Clara kept getting down early and I realized I'm sort of terrible about enforcing an "everyone stays at the table until we are all done eating" rule. 

After all the food and cleanup the kids and dads watched "Tangled" while my mom, sister, Christine and I played Scattergories and Ticket to Ride.  It was a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.
And it has been a great November, overall.  This little video isn't from Thanksgiving, but you can see the Gratitude Tree that we did for Family Home Evening early on in the month in it.  Clara has loved adding leaves to it.  Her friend Blake was visiting for the morning while his mom and baby brother were at a doctor's appointment and Blake wasn't super enthusiastic about the lunch I prepared (carrot and red pepper sticks with ham & cheese sandwiches).  Clara was being very encouraging about eating.

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  1. Looks like a fun and delicious Thanksgiving. I totally agree about the pie. When I dished up my plate with three slices (one of each, of course!) everyone looked at me a little funny and made some comment about how many miles I had run as if to justify the amount of dessert on my plate. I didn't see any need for explanation. Who DOESN'T want to taste all of the pie? Isn't that what you do on Thanksgiving?


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