Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Clara-isms of late

I was pouring milk to go with our pancakes for breakfast and Clara said, "umm, chocolate milk feel me better?"  She uses the phrase "feel me better" pretty often, especially if she is sad or hurt.  For example, if she is crying she will sob out "mine blankie feel me better" or if she bit her tongue (happens way too often) she will say "a apple feel me better" or "ice cream feel me better". 

For about 2 months from 30-32 months old, Clara would wake up every morning and shout "It's morning day!" rather than just "it's morning."  I think this came about because we talk about the days of the week and she caught on to the fact that we go to church on Sunday and we go to gymnastics on Monday.  She hasn't been saying it anymore and I miss it.

Clara uses the phrases "mine tummy rumbling" or "mine tummy quiet" to explain whether she is hungry or full. 

Literally every day of the week Clara and I have a conversation about how we only wear our church dresses on Sunday when she begs me to "peez wear mine pretty church dress, mama?"

She calls me Mama more often than mommy.  It came from the Llama Llama Misses Mama book.  That book has been amazing for us because Clara used to get super clingy and freak out during separations (going to nursery was a horror for probably 6 months and we were always afraid for our babysitters) but now she is totally okay when we go out or drop her off at nursery and always says "you came right back to me!" when we pick her up or the morning after date night because that is what Llama Llama says when his mom comes to pick him up from school.  Incidentally, it is the book that Clara knows better than any other book and she will sit down and "read" it by flipping page by page and reciting the correct words for the correct page, even if she flips the pages through out of order.

Easily Clara's favorite movie is "Cars" and her favorite line is when Mater is teasing Lightning McQueen about liking "Miss Sally".  Clara gets a grin and says "you love 'er, you love 'er, you love 'er!" on a regular basis then starts guffawing and tells us that is what Mater says.

Clara pronounces the word "bottom" at "bop-pin".  It's a weird thing because she can say her "t's" and everything - I think it is just the way she hears it.  We've been working with her on this one and in the past couple of days it has improved to "bought-TUM!" complete with two separate "t" sounds in the middle. 

At church this past Sunday an old man stood up at the pulpit and addressed the congregation.  At one point, he mentioned that he was 92 years old.  Clara perked right up at that and turned to me to exclaim, "mama, I'm 2 years old TOO!". 

Clara will periodically run down the hallway yelling "I'm TOTALLY FREAKING OUT!!".  It's from a new PBS show called Peg Plus Cat and I die trying not to laugh every time she does this.

Clara is singing more frequently now, though still not tons.  Happy Birthday is her very favorite song (shown in the video below on both my birthday and her half birthday), but she also sings a hilarious rendition of "Jingle Bells" (I have GOT to get it on video before Christmas is over or before she changes it) and I sometimes randomly catch her singing "I am a Child of God", "I love to see the Temple" or "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". 

Birthday Song from Amy Nash on Vimeo.

And here is one more Clara video for good measure (from just before Halloween).

Clara telling stories from Amy Nash on Vimeo.


  1. So Adorable! She is growing up WAAAYYYY too fast :-( We can't wait to see all of you in a few weeks!

  2. This made me smile! I love two-year-olds! "It's morning day!!" So cute.

  3. I LOVE the Clara-isms! So adorable. My favorite part of the video(s) has got to be her candle blowing. She is so fun!

  4. This is awesome. I love when people record their kids funny sayings. I'm finally starting to do it for Blake. I'm a little slow, so thanks for reminding me! Clara is adorable.


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